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Your most precious possession?
pastor corner

I have been reminded recently that with all the natural disasters destroying so much of what people own, there are still the most important things left.

What are the things that can give us a life worth living? Relationships are important. The most important of these is a relationship with our heavenly Father which is available to all of us through Jesus Christ. This is something that no disaster can take away from us and promises us life eternal. We also have relationships with our spouse, parents, kids etc. Most of the time even if we lose everything we own, we can be thankful for still having each other.

If we survive after loss of possessions and have not yet decided to follow Jesus, we ought to be thankful for the added time allotted us. All the money in the world will not benefit us when we stand before God, of which all of us will all have to do, but having a relationship with God is only made possible to us through Jesus Christ.

The great news is that what should be most important to us can be a reality, because everyone of us has been invited to become followers of Jesus.

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