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Wrong address, disorderly conduct, prowling highlight Bryan County Sheriff's blotter
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

The following are obtained from Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports.

Matter of record: An Ellabell couple went to BCSO on June 6 to report some missing tax paperwork. The couple said “they spoke to their postman in reference to their tax papers not being delivered and were advised they were delivered on (April 25),” the report said. Problem was, the mailman said, the papers were delivered to the wrong address. The couple said they went to that address “and the gentleman that answered the door stated that he had them, he went inside came out and said he didn’t have them,” the report said.

So, the couple got “a print out” from the post office showing the tax papers had been delivered to that address and hadn’t been returned. “(The wife) then went back to (that address) and again asked the man if he had her tax papers. He stated they had returned them, (she) showed him the paper that showed that the tax papers had never been returned, he then stated his wife threw them away, he then began to suggest you can always get copies.”

The couple was worried there’s the potential for identity fraud.

Disorderly conduct: A deputy was sent to a Strickland Road address June 4 regarding a woman who can’t behave. Again.

“Approximately three weeks earlier (the deputy) responded to the same area of Strickland Road in reference to the same type of disturbance as today,” the deputy reported. “Th s disturbance was called in by a neighbor living (in one direction) ….”

This latest call came from another neighbor, who said she was in her yard when the woman “began yelling obscenities across the road from the confines of her porch and yard. The complainant states that this is an ongoing issue with (the woman).”

The deputy noted “this is the same story (he) received three weeks earlier from the other neighbor,” and that he contacted a third neighbor and got “the exact same story. It appears (she) has an issue with the neighbors so she continues to cuss loudly enough and yell obscenities loudly enough to disturb them, oftentimes directing her rants at each of them.”

The deputy then talked to the woman, who admitted she called one of her neighbors an obscene name and was told “she was being placed under arrest.”

The woman “yelled oh hell no and took off running towards the house and front door area,” the report said. “(Deputy) was able to catch (her) as she reached the front door and opened it, releasing several large dogs onto the porch. After a tense moment with growling dogs and fear of getting bit, (she) was handcuffed and placed into my patrol vehicle.”

The deputy then explained to the woman’s 21-year-old daughter how to “bond her mother out of jail later.”

Matter of record: An Ellabell man reported June 4 that his neighbor dumped “grass clippings on county property near Highway 80,” a report said. “(He) stated that he did not see the neighbor dump the clippings, but their lawn was just mowed and vacuumed at the same time that the clippings appeared.”

He wanted a report and said he would call Bryan County code enforcement.

Prowling: An Old Olive Branch Road man reported June 5 he left h s house around 5:30 a.m. and “found a white male sitting on his front porch. (Complainant) stated he attempted to speak with the male; he advised upon verbal contact, the male looked up for a moment and then put his head down and ignored him.” The complainant said he then called BCSO, and deputies came and found the man “on (complainant’s) front porch step with his head down, sitting in the fetal position. Deputies were familiar with the male and identified him … (and) made several attempts to speak with (him) but (he) would not speak. At this point, deputies made the decision to place (him) under arrest ….”

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