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Woman finds out husband has another wife
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A Richmond Hill woman recently found out she’s not her husband’s only wife and, on Sept. 5, she went down to the Richmond Hill Police Department to report him.

The alleged bigamy, labeled a "miscellaneous complaint," was taken by Sergeant Jason Sakelarios.

"(The woman) advised me that she had married her husband on April 15, 2002 and that they have been continually married without separation since that time," Sakelarios said in the report.

So how did she find out she wasn’t the only one?

The report said the woman saw some information from her and her husband’s bank account, indicating that her husband was changing the account’s address. She withdrew money and attempted to "manipulate the account," the report said.

Shortly thereafter, she allegedly got a phone call from the other woman.

The Pierce County, Wash., resident said she was the man’s wife, and had been married to him since 2006, according to the report’s information.

Police Chief Billy Reynolds said the incident is not within local jurisdiction, since the additional marriage took place in Washington.

According to the report, the woman has already hired an attorney and plans to begin filing for divorce. She also noted in the report that she wishes to file criminal charges for bigamy against her husband. RHPD told her she would need to contact the Pierce County, Wash., Sheriff’s Office for procedural options.

The Law and Research web site gives laws on polygamy around the world. According to them, in the state of Georgia, bigamy is punishable by one to 10 years imprisonment, "regardless of whether all parties desire it or not," the site said. In Washington, bigamy is a class C felony, also punishable for up to 10 years jail time.

There was no additional information Tuesday afternoon.

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