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Welsh named top teacher in Hupman Group contest
Hupman Local Teacher Winner Molly Welsh GW CArver Elementary School.jpg
From left to right: Chandie Hupman, teacher Molly Welsh, Mayor Russ Carpenter, Jeff Hupman. Photo provided.

The Hupman Real Estate Group announced that Molly Welsh from Carver Elementary School is the 2021 Hupman Local Teacher Nomination Contest Winner.

Mayor Russ Carpenter, along with owners, Jeff & Chandie Hupman awarded the $1,000 check to Welsh last week.

Watch the video of the surprise announcement:

The Hupman Group also presented Carver principal Karen Smith with an additional $1,000 for the school,

More than 150 teachers were nominated for this year's contest, according to The Hupman Group.

 Future contests will honor active military in June,  first responders in August, and a deserving family in November. 

Here are excerpts from the contest nominating letters that summarized the work that Welsh has done in the classroom:

"I started school in the middle of the year and she  made me feel welcomed. I came from a school that I was struggling in. She has helped me so much that I now have all A’s from not so good grades before. She is kind and loving and shows that she cares about us. She is willing to give the one-on-one attention that you may need at times. She’s the BEST TEACHER!!!"

"She makes sure every child in her class feels welcome, loved, and important, and that they are all here and are making a positive difference in the world. This year has been the best year for my daughter and we will always be thankful for her."

"Adaptable and gets on the kid’s levels. She is kind and generous. She is a great listener and she connects with each and every student. She makes a warm environment for the kids. She engages and I know she is a role model for my daughter!"

She is a very sweet teacher who really helped my son this school year getting his grades on track. You can tell she loves her kids in class.

"She is my daughter's 5th grade teacher. My daughter has never adored and loved a teacher more! She inspires and guides each child toward success in a way that makes them WANT to learn and helps them to realize that YES they can achieve goals. She keeps parents up to date on everything and is always around to answer questions. We couldn't ask for a better teacher!"

"She has been a beacon of light this year! She is so supportive of children with extra-curricular activities, and understanding when it comes to life and health issues. My sons is in her 5th grade class and whenever he is absent be it for his acting or for his asthma; She is always understanding and does whatever she can to help or work with us. My son's attitude has completely changed towards school and I feel like that is 100% because of her! We need more teachers like her!!"

"Children tell all. It’s easy to gain an understanding of the direction teachers give and the respect they earn from their students because your child will tell you exactly how they and the rest of the class feels about the teacher. My daughter always has admiring things to say about her. When your child looks forward to going to class on a MONDAY, you know the teacher is doing something right. No cases of “The Mondays” when you’re in her class!"

"She has demonstrated the utmost level of care for my daughter and the other students. Getting to listen in as my daughter did eLearning was a great experience - she did eLearning the first half of the year. She was always so patient with the students. She talked to them as adults - treated them with great respect, and always was able to share a laugh with them while maintaining good control of behaviors. I feel very blessed to have had my daughter in her class."

"She has been amazing through this pandemic. The first half of school she had my daughter so engaged in online schooling that when students were transitioning back after Christmas and she was no longer able to remain teaching online, my daughter absolutely wanted to return to school just so she could continue to learn with her. In addition, she has taken the extra time and steps to ensure my daughter is ready for the 6th grade."

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