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Weinermobile brings nostalgia to RH
Famous hot dog truck makes pit stop on tour of the southeast
Angelia Logsdon took a trip down memory lane Sunday with her sons Matthew and Aaron when they stopped to check out the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile at Kroger in Richmond Hill. The hot dog-shaped vehicle is currently touring the southeast. - photo by Julia Harison

Families who did some shopping at Kroger in Richmond Hill on Sunday got to experience an “American tradition” when the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile made a pit stop on its tour throughout the southeast.
Angelia Logsdon stopped by to see the classic, odd-shaped vehicle with her children.
“It is such a neat thing. It is something I remember from my childhood, so bringing (my kids) over so they can see it and get to experience the same thing,” Logsdon said. “I think about the Oscar Mayer song and the different things I remember as a child. I kind of want them to experience the same thing.”
“I just think it is big and cool ...,” added Logsdon’s 14-year-old son, Matthew. “I have seen it in movies and on TV, and I remember seeing Santa Claus with the Oscar Mayer Weiner whistle.”
David Stephens also recalled seeing the Weinermobile as a child.
“It kinda goes back to my childhood — it is a little bit nostalgic,” Stephens said. “And I like Oscar Mayer hot dogs. I like hot dogs of any kind.”
Operating the Weinermobile were co-drivers, or hot-doggers, “Hot Diggity” Holly Nelson and “Lots of Ketchup” Lisa Rosenblum, who have been traveling the hot dog highways of America for the last nine months with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.
“There are six different wiener mobiles, and each hot-dogger gets two different regions with two different partners,” Rosenblum said. “Previous to the southeast with Holly that I am in right now, I was in the northwest for six months. So you really get a lot to see of the country — I think I have been to 15 states so far.”

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