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Tree ordinance, impact fees on mayors agenda

It appears Richmond Hill Mayor Harold Fowler isn’t wasting much time getting moving on campaign promises.

Fowler spoke of plans he has for the city during Thursday’s Richmond Hill Rotary Club meeting at the Richmond Hill Quality Inn.

He said the city tree ordinance is on a fast track and should be up for vote at the next council meeting and hopefully active by March. He said it is virtually the same as the one the county has adopted.

Fowler said he has met with County Commission Chairman Jimmy Burnsed and Board of Education Chairman Eddie Warren, and the three have agreed to have quarterly meetings.

"We are working toward having a very close working relationship between the three entities in South Bryan County to see what we can do to help cut taxes and anything else we can do to make South Bryan County a better place to live," he said.

In addition, Fowler said he plans to work with Bryan County Development Authority. He spoke of how Harvey’s will be vacated next month, which will make two large empty buildings at Hwy. 17 and 144, including the old Kroger building. He said a closer relationship with the BCDA could solve this dilemma as well as bring more businesses to South Bryan.

"I’m not talking about huge warehouses like in North Bryan (Interstate Centre), but smaller machine shops and that sort of industry," he said. "One company may just hire 20-30 people, but if you get 10 of these, you got 300 people employed in South Bryan."

Fowler said he would like to work with the county in also bringing impact fees to the City of Richmond Hill.

"I am going to push as hard as I can for the city also to have impact fees. I think it would only fair when a developer comes in and develops a piece of property because the impact fee would help pay for all that infrastructure that has to go in, such as roads and water/sewer."

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