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Early voting starts, party has hotline
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With the beginning of early voting, Georgia Democrats have released a voter protection hotline to address crucial problems that might occur at state polling precincts.

“The right to vote can be threatened by any number of things — an unfair Voter ID law, the wrongful removal of registered voters from the rolls, or even legitimate mistakes dealing with voters who have recently moved,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon. “Our Voter Protection Hotline will be a useful source of information for many Georgians.”

The numbers is 678-792-3664. Callers can ask questions or report problems at their polling location.

“We have registered or re-engaged over 100,000 new voters in the past 18 months,” Berlon said. “Now we are concentrating on getting them to the voting booth while making sure that their right to vote isn’t taken away.”


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