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Richmond Hill volunteers feeding children
Richmond Hill Lunch Giveaway 2

Sharon Muhammad along with a small band of adults and children have been handing out two bags, one with breakfast items the other for lunch as they look to feed children currently out of school because of the coronavirus pandemic. Schools remain closed throughout the Bryan County area leaving many school age children without daily meals due to parents working or being out of work. 

They may be a small group but Muhammad and her crew are tackling the big mission.

The breakfast bag varies from day to day as well as the lunch bag.

The breakfast bags may consist of cereal or cereal bar with milk  while the lunch bag may contain a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a hamburger with a fruit cup and juice. On Monday the group started with 50 bags which went quickly it was elevated to 100 and still not enough for the demand.  

On Thursday they had 150 bags to hand out to those in need.

Richmond Hill lunch giveaway

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