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Richmond Hill approves millage rate
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Richmond Hill set its millage rate Tuesday night, and officials again took pains to insist it wasn’t a tax hike. Technically, they were right, but property owners will still see an increase.

While the city’s millage rate is unchanged at 4.132 mills, increased property assessments mean Richmond Hill property owners will see their taxes go up by about 1 percent, which means about $3.78 more in city taxes on a home with a fair market value of $225,000.

It’s worth noting that the city’s current rate of 4.132 mills is actually lower than it was in 2015, when Richmond Hill had millage rate of 4.209, according to Bryan County Tax Commissioner Carrol Ann Coleman.

The Bryan County school board will likely set its millage rate at 15.075 mills, which is same as last year, during a workshop Thursday night in Black Creek. That too will result in more taxes for homeowners – about $31.43 for a $200,000 home, according the the BOE. The school board will also adopt the 1.5 mill in taxes to pay back bonds approved by voters in 2017.

Pembroke will adopt its millage rate on Monday. The city will keep its 2019 rate of 10 mills, the highest the city can tax under it’s current charter.

The Bryan County Commission has said it will again adopt a rollback millage rate in 2020.

The county advertised in July seek a rollback rate of 8.314 for all residents, down from last year’s 8.561.

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