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RHPD reports: Snake in shopping cart leads to damaged car
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Matter of record: Here’s one you don’t see every day. A woman called police Aug. 5 “in reference to unknown suspects throwing a shopping cart at cars at the Kroger parking lot.” The woman’s vehicle was damaged. “There was also a snake lying on the ground near (her) vehicle. (The officer) was informed that the unknown suspects had found the snake in one of the carts, and panicked, throwing the cart. The cart then struck (the woman’s) car.”

The report continued: “The suspects then left the area, but not before allegedly striking a second vehicle with their vehicle. However, (the officer) did not see obvious damage to that car, (and) was not able to obtain a valid license plate on the suspect vehicle, only that it appeared to be a black Toyota Rav-4.”

The complainant was given a report number. An officer “relocated the snake into the woods.”

Firing a gun in city limits: A Buckeye Drive resident was charged with “discharging a firearm in city limits,” after police were called to the apartment complex shortly before 11 p.m. Aug. 2. There, a man said he heard what he thought was a gunshot from the upstairs apartment, went to check on his daughter and “appeared to be a bullet hole in the ceiling.”

An officer found the bullet still lodged in the ceiling, then police went upstairs to talk to the man, who said he accidentally fired his handgun in the bedroom after he and his girlfriend were awakened by her daughter screaming. “He stated he thought something was happening to her and got his gun out of the night stand,” the report said. “He advised he accidentally discharged the firearm while removing it from the holster.”

The girl was having a bad dream, the report said. The man was cited. His gun, a magazine, eight live rounds and the fired bullet were taken to RHPD and “secured in the property room.”

Theft: Police were sent to Hampton Inn around 5 a.m. Aug. 3 because two women not staying there took snacks.

The clerk said the two “white females grabbed some snack items off the counter in the hallway and walked out the front door.”

One of them was a man who was dressed as a woman, the report said.

Police found them at an EL Cheapo at Highway 17 and Sommers Boulevard, and one told officers to “charge the snacks to room 116 where their friend was staying,” but they couldn’t give police the name of their friend staying in the room. The motel clerk didn’t want to press charges but asked they be given criminal trespass warnings. They were.

Matter of record: A woman reported July 31 she visited a local spa the day before and before she could get out of her car another vehicle was backed into the parking space and parked so close to her car she “had a difficult time getting out of her vehicle,” and as she opened her door it hit the car that had just parked. The woman said as she went into the spa the woman who’d just parked told her “you need to be careful when you get out of your car to make sure it doesn’t hit someone else’s,” the report said.

The woman said when her appointment was finished she went back to her car and saw her tire pressure was low and called her husband to come pick her up.

They later discovered “there was a puncture in the sidewall approximately two inches long.” The woman’s husband told the officer the staff would meet him with video and suspect information.

Reckless conduct: An officer was sent to a local address on Aug. 1 where a woman said her mother had been drinking, may have been on medication and was planning to kill herself after going to a local motel. The woman also said her mother “admitted to firing a shot within the hotel room,” the report said. Police found the woman in the motel room, and a bullet hole “on the bottom of the room door.”

A Taurus .357 was found in a gun box with one round already fired. “The bullet could have struck a person walking past the room at the time the gun was fired. A woman and her autistic son were inside the room next door in addition to the numerous other customers who were staying at the motel.”

The woman was going to be charged with “reckless conduct” based on her actions.

Speeding: An officer clocked a driver going 93 mph on I-95 around 4 a.m.

July 26, pulled the driver over around mile marker 87 and told the driver why he stopped him. “I then requested (the man’s) driver’s license to which he advised he did not have it as it had been previously taken by an officer in Florida earlier in the week.”

The driver handed the officer a ticket and a check revealed the man’s license was suspended in Florida. Due to COVID-19, he was cited for driving with a suspended license and speeding and given a court date. The vehicle was turned over to his passenger.

Speeding: An officer running radar around 11:40 p.m. July 26 on I-95 clocked a car going 90 mph. A traffic stop followed. The driver gave the officer an identification card, and it turned out his license “was in fact suspended through the state of Pennsylvania.”

That man was also cited for suspended license and speeding and released to appear in court.

Hit and run, etc: Police were sent to I-95 south near the Exit 87 off ramp to help clear up an accident involving four cars, one of which, a silver Mercedes, kept on going. There were no report of serious injuries, but witnesses said the Mercedes driver was driving recklessly then lost control, hit another vehicle and caused it to hit a guardrail, and the debris caused damage to two other cars.

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