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RHPD reports: Pay dispute brings officers to house after threats made
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Matter of record: Police were sent to an Edsel Drive address shortly before 7 am. Dec. 9 regarding threats. There, they met with a complainant who said he and another man had “a falling out in reference to his pay,” a report said.

The complainant said the other man worked with him last Friday “at which time he got paid.” Then, the man’s wife called and asked the complainant “when he was going to pay (him) so that she can get the money for his kids.”

The complainant told the woman he’d already paid the man, and she apparently called the man, who then “contacted (the complainant stating that he was ‘bleeping’ with his family,” the report said.

The complainant said he was merely telling the truth, and that “he told her you got paid you told her you didn’t, everything else is between the both of you.” That led to the man sending “a plethora of text messages,” to the complainant, including one which said he was a dead man, etc.

Police saw the text messages. The other man, meanwhile, told police the complainant shorted him money. He also said the complainant called his wife to mess with his family and that he didn’t remember texting the man. He also said he brings clientele to the man, etc.

After looking at both sides, the officer decided it was a civil matter and no charges were brought by police.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a Vining Way address around 8 p.m. Dec. 14, where a complainant said she was driving east on Harris Trail Road when “a large black sized SUV made a left turn from Brisbon Hall Drive and entered the No. 2 inside lane right in front of her. She advised she had to hit the brakes and she began honking her horn at the vehicle.”

The black SUV then “moved into the outside No. 1 land and then gets behind (the complainant’s vehicle) and begins to follow her (all the way into Turtle Hill subdivision.”

The complainant said she pulled into her driveway and “went out to check her mailbox and saw the black SUV after it turned around in the cul-de-sac at the end of Vining Way.”

The complainant said the black SUV then came back up the road “at a high rate of speed and as it came close to where she was, it swerved towards her and then continued on.”

The complainant got the tag number, which belonged to a black SUV in the Brisbon Hall subdivision. The complainant said she wanted that driver “to be talked to regarding what took place.”

The officer then went to the address of the registered owner, a woman who told her side of the story.

“(She) advised that when she turned from Brisbon Hall Dr. onto Harris Trail Rd., there was more than enough room and that (the complainant) was speeding. She stated it was coincidence that they were both going to Turtle Hill.”

The woman then showed the officer a “text message where she had been invited to a party ( on another road in Turtle Hill). She stated she wasn’t familier with Turtle Hill and didn’t realize she was on the wrong street. (She) stated after she turned around on Vining Way and was heading towards Liberty Ave, she observed (the complainant) standing in the road, waving her arms at her. (The woman) advised she became frightened and admitted to going a little bit faster after seeing (the complainant) waving her arms.”

The officer determined no crime took place. “It appears that both women had frightened each other,” the report said.

Warrant service: A patrol officer was sent April 12 to the police station “in reference to a welfare check” and met with an agent with Georgia Adult Protective Services.

She told the officer there’d been a complaint of an elderly couple being financially exploited by their son, and “that the allegation also includes verbal abuse and threats. Along with this, one of the threats included shooting anyone who he felt would try to remove him from the property.”

The officer checked out the man and learned he was wanted in Michigan for failure to pay child support. Police then checked with the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, and a representative confirmed the warrant was valid and “if found they would extradite him to Michigan.”

Then, “due to the totality of circumstances,” police “determined that we needed to get CID and SWAT involved.”

Before that, happened, however, they found out there “was a wanted subject in the Police Department ….”

That subject was the man wanted in Michigan. He was interviewed by the Adult Protective Services agent and then taken to jail.

Matter of record: A man went to RHPD on Dec. 12 to report he “has been having problems with a prior friend harassing him.”

The complainant said the former friend “has been at his residence several times over the last several years,” but his “behavior has been an issue for several years starting at his residence several years ago with (the man) making inappropriate comments to his now late wife,” a report said. The complainant said “recently he visited his wife’s grave and ran into (the former friend).”

The complainant told the officer the man tried to talk to him but he “wanted some personal time alone and ignored (the former friend),” and now the former friend “has been trying to make contact with him via his house phone, cell phone both calls and text messages,” with the last message telling him to “(bleep) off.”

The complainant said he doesn’t want to pursue charges now, but he wanted the incidents documented.

Traffic offenses: A man with a Richmond Hill address was arrested Dec. 12 after he took a left onto 144 out of Krogers Fuel Station at the place where the sign says no left turn.

After the man was pulled over, he was asked for his license. “(The man) stated he did not have a license on his person and that he believed his Florida driver’s license was expired,” the report said.

It was. The man was arrested and charged with improper left turn and driving with a suspended license.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a missing person call in Main Street subdivision around 7:30 p.m. Dec. 13. The officer knew the person missing, who was born in 1937, and began searching the subdivision, then was told by dispatch where to find the man.

“After locating him at (at the address) I invited (the man) into the rear of my patrol vehicle and drove him back to his residence,” the report said.

There, the man’s wife said her husband woke around 3 a.m. and tried to leave, but “she was able to talk him into waiting for the rain to stop before going on a walk,” but when she went to the restroom he left. She thanked the officer for bringing her husband home “and advised she didn’t want to do it but it was becoming apparent to her that (her husband) would be safer in a nursing home.”

The officer told her to call police if she needed help with him again.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill woman reported Dec. 13 that she got a call from a man claiming to be “Sean Wilson,” and he told her that there had “been some fraudulent activity on her social security card and that she could not travel until the matter was resolved.”

The 20-year-old woman said the man told her to buy $1,500 worth of gift cards, “scratch off the silver security strip, and text the numbers revealed to the following phone number, (804) 207-4202.”

The woman told police she did so, then got another call from “Mr. Wilson” asking for her credit card information “so another charge could be made in the amount of $2,500.”

The woman said she got suspicious and went to RHPD to file the report.

Terroristic threats: An officer was sent to the TA truck stop around 9 a.m. Dec. 14 where the “suspect” was already gone. The complainant said the suspect “was on a blue ladder in the shop bay and (the complainant) told him to get down due to safety and liability issues.”

The complainant said the suspect didn’t get down, so he had to tell him again, and the suspect then responded by asking him, “’Do you want to get shot today?’”

The complainant said he couldn’t believe what he heard and asked the suspect to repeat himself, and he did, so the complainant “went to his vehicle and retrieved his personal firearm,” and told his manager “that if (the suspect) came in with a gun, he was getting shot.”

The complainant also said he was told the suspect “made a motion as if he were loading a round into the chamber of a semi-automatic firearm …” and the complainant said the suspect “also pulled his shirt down over his lower back area as if he were concealing something.”

The complainant got a case number.

The officer then called the suspect, who “admitted being on the ladder, but denied that he was told more than once to get down. (He) stated that he did not have a gun on him, only a drill, and that he only keeps a gun in the truck.”

The suspected offered to return to Richmond Hill, but was told it wasn’t necessary and that TA had requested he not “return to their establishment in the future,” and the man agreed “not to come back.”

A report was filed.

Speeding, pot: An officer driving Harris Trail around 3 p.m. Sunday clocked a car passing “The Commons” subdivision at 63 mph in the 45 mph zone. He conducted a traffic stop.

“It was at that time that I detected an overwhelming odor of marijuana and was able to observe (the driver) destroying the evidence by eating it. The suspected marijuana was all down his shoulder, shirt, chin and mouth.”

A drug dog was brought out and alerted on the car, and more pot and drug-related objects were found inside.

The man was arrested. The car was released to the man’s mother.

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