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RHPD reports: Officer encounters naked woman in restaurant bathroom
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Disorderly conduct: An officer was sent to Denny’s shortly before 8 p.m. Aug. 20 “in reference to a female who was screaming in the bathroom naked and refusing to leave,” a report said.

When the officer got there, management said the woman was still in the bathroom. “They advised the female had been in the establishment for 3 hours and in the bathroom for 45 minutes,” the report said. “Management stated that the female began yelling and they went into the bathroom and observed her naked.”

Management wanted the woman gone. The officer went to the bathroom, announced his presence and “asked (the woman) to make herself decent and come out of the bathroom.”

Eventually, the officer, who saw her wiping feces off her, had to forcibly extricate her from the bathroom. The report listed her as homeless. She was taken to Bryan County Jail.

Possession of meth, etc: An officer patrolling the woodline behind the Travelodge on Highway 17 around 10:40 p.m. Aug. 20 spotted a homeless man “sitting in a chair outside of a tent playing with Legos and holding a glass meth pipe in his left hand.” The officer asked the man if he had any meth. “He stated he did pointing to the ground by his chair.” The officer saw a clear bag with .01 grams of meth and two meth pipes on the ground. The man was arrested.

Reckless driving, marijuana possession, etc: An officer pulled over a Honda Accord around 7:20 p.m. on I-95 near mile marker 90 and called for backup because the driver didn’t have any ID. The officer who conducted the traffic stop said he did so because the driver was “operating his vehicle in a reckless manner,” and “excessively speeding through traffic which (that officer) estimated to be in a triple-digit range.” Ultimately, the driver slammed on brakes “in the center lane as he was beside a semi-truck then improperly change lanes to pull over,” which led the officer to have to dodge the Accord and then back up to get to the car.

After using the man’s Social Security card and vehicle information they were able to ID the man, who didn’t have photo ID but did have “a paper Georgia driver’s license in his trunk.” It was expired, but it proved he was who the man said he was. He was arrested, and a search turned up another man’s driver’s license and debit card, and allegedly led to the discovery of a jar full of “a large amount of green leafy material,” suspected of being pot, and some scales.

The pot weighed in at 21 grams, it and the scales were taken as evidence. The man was taken to jail.

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