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RHPD reports: Drying off car leads to arrest
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

An officer running radar on Highway 17 shortly before 3 p.m. June 23 clocked a car going 61 mph in a 35 mph zone.

When he pulled the driver over and told the Richmond Hill woman why he’d stopped her, “she stated she had just left the car wash and was driving fast to get the water off her car but didn’t know she was going that fast.”

The officer asked her if she wanted him to test the radar for accuracy and she said no. And then the check through dispatch showed the woman was wanted in Glynn County “on multiple warrants.”

She was arrested. Her car was turned over to her husband.

DUI, public drunk: Officers were on the lookout” from Georgia State Patrol regarding a silver car heading north on I-95 around midnight July 6. The car “could not maintain lane and was speeding up and slowing down,” the report said. An officer saw the car near the 85 mile marker “followed by a pickup truck with its flashers on.”

The car got off on Highway 17, taking a right. The driver pulled into the Raceway gas station, and “came to a stop at a gas pump.”

The driver got out. He could speak some English, but “did not seem to understand everything I was telling him,” the officer’s report said.

An officer who spoke Spanish was called, and another officer also showed up to talk to the passenger.

Neither man had a driver’s license. The driver said “they were on their way home to North Charleston from Florida.”

There were open containers inside and the passenger also was drunk. An officer checked both men through dispatch and no records were found on either.

The driver was then arrested.

“The passenger advised he needed to use the restroom and was advised he may go inside the Raceway to do so,” the report said. “However, he elected to urinate on the side of the business in plain view of the public and officers and then fell down in his own urine.”

He was cited with public drunkenness, and both men were taken to jail.

Tampering with utility: An officer was sent out to a Sterling Links address on July 5 regarding “damage to city property,” a report said, noting “the damage was to a water meter and a lockout for a water meter.”

The meter had been locked for non payment, according to a city employee, and the homeowners said they’d had a maintenance person remove it. They were given a warning. They said they wouldn’t do it again.

Found property: On July 7 around 2:30 p.m. an officer was told by an RHPD employee “that an anonymous person dropped off a United States flag attached to a flag pole which was found on the ground nearby. This property was later logged into the evidence room as found property.”

Fight: A Hinesville woman called police around 3 a.m. July 7 saying there was a fight in a Richmond Hill apartment complex. The officer began driving around Plantation Apartments and “heard yelling behind building D in phase one,” and then got out on foot. At some point, he saw a woman, then a second woman, and then a hand “reach out and slap (her) in the face,” the report said. As the officer got closer, he saw a “heavy-set” woman standing with her back to the building facing (the woman who was slapped).” The officer then saw another woman “slumped over on the ground between the AC units with blood on her face, drooling.”

As the officer got closer, the woman who got slapped began trying to pick the other woman up off the ground. EMS was called as well as other RHPD units in order to look for the other women, who “were from Hinesville,” police were told. The woman who’d been hurt “had scrapes to both her knees, discoloration around her neck, scratches to her neck and shoulders, a laceration in the corner of her lower left lip, and her right eye was blood shot (injury consistent with strangulation).”

The woman who tried to help her had minor injuries as well. Neither wanted EMS to take them to the hospital.

Criminal trespass: A Harris Trail Road woman reported June 27 she went to pick up her son around 8 p.m., returned home and then around 11:30 p.m. got back in her car again to go pick up a friend.

The car wouldn’t move. “(She) said she got out of the vehicle and noticed all four tires were flat,” the report said.

She called 911. The woman said she believed her roommate’s boyfriend slashed her tires. She said that’s her roommate “accidently broke (her boyfriend’s) window out a few days prior to today,” the report said, and the man told his girlfriend to tell the complainant “it’s just

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