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RHPD reports: Couple's argument leads to arrest, then release
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Criminal trespass: Officers were sent to a motel on Highway 17 around midnight June 9 to handle a disorderly person call. 

There, they were told the couple arguing were “in the pool area,” and found a man and wife there. The man “was yelling at his wife and saying obscenities towards her, accusing her of (carrying on) with her female friend.”

The husband clearly appeared drunk, and “continued to yell, and expressed his discontent with his current circumstances. (The husband) then laid himself on the ground with his hands and legs spread apart and started to cry.”

The man was described as “not cooperative at this time.”

The reporting officer also got a statement from the wife, who said they’d had an argument earlier in the evening and she went to the pool to get away from him and talk to a friend. 

“As time passed, she advised (her husband) came to the pool and started to yell informing her to check on her vehicle. Upon checking the vehicle with (the wife) it was discovered the windshield of her 2017 (SUV) sustained a large crack.”

The officer took a photo for evidence, and spoke to a man who said he saw the husband throw a chair at the SUV. After finishing up the investigation, the husband was arrested. “Upon arrival to the jail, (he) complained of knee and foot pain, advising he was diabetic, and requested transport to the hospital.” Bryan County EMS showed up, and after some discussion, officers decided to release the man “and to file for warrants for criminal trespass (Family Violence Act) at a later time.”

Theft of service: Officers were sent June 17 to a nail shop on Highway 17 regarding a “customer who failed to pay for their pedicure.”

The complainant said the “regular customer” came in, got a pedicure and then left “without paying. (Complainant) said she told the female to pay yet the female just walked out of the store.”

A co-worker told police the customer “was upset because to wait on other people before her.” They said the woman was pregnant and drove a white SUV, and gave her name to officers, who also wanted a video recording. 

Battery: Police were sent to a Chey Hill Lane address around 11:15 p.m. June 17 because of “a physical dispute between two wives where one hit the other in the head with a can.”

When police got to the home, they saw a car leaving the driveway. The driver “said she was enroute to the hospital because her wife … had struck her in the back of the head with a can,” the report said, noting the officers saw blood on the woman’s head and back of the neck, and “an opened bloodied wound.”

The officers called for EMS, which arrived and evaluated the victim. She refused treatment and told police the couple had friends over earlier in the night and drank some alcohol, then got into an argument over car keys. 

“(The woman) said her wife took a can of aerosol cleaner and started spraying it at her. (She) said she took a couch cushion to shield her from the aerosol spray. (She) advised her wife then struck her multiple times in the back of the head,” then locked herself in the bedroom.

The complainant, who was described as “disoriented,” said her wife left and may have gone back to their apartment in Pooler. 

Officers gathered what evidence they could find and stood by while the woman called a friend to take her to the hospital. That woman later said her friend couldn’t come and “said she was going to go inside to sleep and would take herself to the hospital in the morning.” The woman was told to call if her wife returned or she felt her head injury worsen. Police tried to call the wife, but her number had been disconnected. 

Matter of record: A South Carolina woman driving to Richmond Hill at some point late at night on June 19 said she hit “a small dear near I-95 and I-16.” 

“She stated that she was able to slow down before hitting the deer and believed she had just tapped it as a small herd of deer were crossing the road and she observed them running off. She advised the sound of the impact was not loud at all.”

When the woman got to a Bell Grove Circle address, “she observed the deer was still in her bumper. We observed the young deer stuck in the bottom air scoop of her bumper.”

The woman said she wasn’t hurt and didn’t feel safe stopping on I-95, and gave police permission to remove the door. 

Theft: A River Oaks Drive man reported June 19 “a set of four rims and tires were taken from his garage.”

The man didn’t know who would have taken them. He valued them at $2,600.

False imprisonment, battery, etc: An officer was sent June 19 to an Aubrey Trail address regarding a woman complaining her husband assaulted her two days earlier after an argument. 

The woman said during the argument he hit her with a tray table, her car keys, a folding chair and dresser drawer before leaving, but not before telling her to “go ahead and call the cops. I want to show them my skills with these massive blades I have here.”

The man left a note and his wedding ring and went to SC, where he spoke with the reporting officer on June 20 and initially said “he doesn’t remember” what happened June 17. The man said he never hit his wife but the keys he threw might’ve injured her. “(He) repeatedly stated that he had anger problems but was in counseling trying to fix them.” 

Due to evidence “of violence” done to (the woman), the officer reported he’d file for a warrant against her husband.

Wanted person, etc: A Pembroke woman was arrested at a motel in Richmond Hill on June 20 after RHPD was called regarding “an overdue customer.” The woman, who hadn’t paid for her stay that day and wouldn’t answer the door. The manager said she’d been at the motel for about a week, and said if she doesn’t pay for her stay she’d have to leave, and in either case “(the manager) asked that (the woman) be informed never to return to his property.”

The officer talked to the woman, who told him she didn’t have any ID and “constantly concealed her face and appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic. (She) expressed the daylight entering the room bothered her and that she did not feel well, but denied (EMS),” the report said. 

The officer walked with the woman to the front desk where she made a payment, then went back to the room.

Before the officer left, he heard from dispatchers. 

“A few moments later dispatch advised the name and date of birth (she used) was an alias.” The officer then checked through the Georgia Crime Information Center and saw a photo that looked like the woman in the room, “to include an identifiable tattoo upon her neck.” What’s more, the woman was “wanted out of several jurisdictions for various infractions.”

She was arrested. 

Matter of record: A Main Street subdivision woman reported June 21 she saw a job posted on the Pooler Yard Sale Facebook site regarding a job. 

The woman said the offer was posted under the profile name of Marisa with “a profile picture depicting a white middle-aged female with glasses,” the report said. After messaging Marisa, the woman said she got a response.

“At first, the messages were cordial, and listed the details on the posted job offer. A series of questions them commenced,” the report said. “At one point during the conversation, (the woman) advised she provided her personal information … (address, phone number and email) to the subject. At approximately 1130 hours, (the woman) advised she gets a job offer from the subject.”

Then she got a text congratulating her on her new job, and at noon a man calling himself “’John Nelson’” of Synnex Corporation” requested more information about her ID and finances, so the woman stopped communicating with the man. The woman said she then got death threats via Facebook, so she blocked them and called police.

The number the text messages came from was a prepaid phone. 

Terroristic threats, etc: A June 21 report says the FBI interviewed a Richmond Hill man on June 21 regarding terroristic threats and harassing phone calls.  In a June 22 report, it notes the man was arrested by RHPD at his Reese Drive address for the same charges. His cell phone was taken as part of the evidence. 

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a Falcon Drive address on June 21 where a woman said she was having issues with her neighbor’s ex-husband. The woman said “in recent incidents, she has been approached by (the man) over her cats in his yard. She said he stares at her and approaches her in an aggressive manner.”

The woman said she and the man were “involved in a verbal dispute over her cutting her grass too low and she partially cutting his yard.”

The woman was told to all the next time the man was home so officers could serve him with a criminal trespass notice. She asked for extra patrols.

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