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RHPD blotter: Women get disorderly; welcome to the neighborhood
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

DUI, more: Police were sent to Zaxby’s parking lot around 6:23 p.m. April 27 regarding an accident, only to be told the “suspect vehicle had fled the scene” in a blue car heading east on 144 toward 17. An officer headed that way and spotted the car, and pulled the driver over at the parking lot of the CVS.

The driver, a 35-year-old Richmond Hill woman, “appeared to have glassy eyes and a strong odor of alcohol emitting from the passenger compartment of the vehicle.”

The report said the woman looked surprised when the officer told her she’d left the scene of an accident, but denied drinking alcohol and agreed to take a field sobriety test, which didn’t go well, especially after she reportedly told the officer, “let me do this before we end up on Fox News.”

The officer told the woman he had no interest in being on Fox News, and she “stated, yea you’re right CNN.”

The officer “advised (the woman that he) had no desire to be on CNN either and asked if she would mind completing the field sobriety to which she stated yes she does mind,” the report said, adding that when the woman refused to take a breath test the officer arrested her.

“By this time (the woman’s) anger and aggression began to escalate as I attempted to ask her for her age. (She) responded by asking for my age and then estimated my age at 12 and 8. (She) then stated I had (a small sex organ) and began making facial expressions while making moaning sounds,” the officer reported.

Then, the woman “began to scream (bleep you) over and over,” and told police she knew people in Richmond Hill. She also refused a blood test and had to be manually inserted into the back of a patrol car.

A search of the woman’s car turned up an open bottle of vodka, and because she’d been involved in a wreck the jail wouldn’t take her until she’d been checked out, so officers had to take her to a local hospital.

The report said the woman “continued to scream, kick and spit,” the entire way and continued to do so at the hospital. Once she was medically cleared, the woman was given a ride to Bryan County Jail.

Disorderly conduct: An officer was sent to the Highway 17 and I-95 interchange around 12:26 a.m. April 26 regarding a blonde haired woman “yelling at traffic signs.” Dispatchers also said the woman “called them twice, yelling at them.”

The woman, who was staying at a local motel, was described as smelling of alcohol and “very emotional,” and she blew a .147 on the preliminary breath test and resisted arrest to the point she “ultimately ripped her right hand out of the handcuffs” and had to be wrestled to the ground, the report said.

During her trip to jail the woman also began banging her head on the plexiglass partition in the officer’s car. The woman, who was listed as 4-foot-8 and 110 pounds and 27 years old, was eventually delivered to Bryan County Jail without incident, the report said.

DUI less safe, hit and run, etc: Police were sent to a Laurel Hill Circle address around 4:30 a.m. April 29 where they found a vehicle crashed in a front yard that had hit another vehicle parked on the same street earlier, and that vehicle belonged to a couple “who had just moved into (the home at that address,” a report said. An 18-year-old girl was charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and underage possession of alcohol.

Drugs: A traffic stop at 1:45 a.m. April 28 at the I-95 northbound exit 87 on-ramp led to a Port Wentworth man being charged with having a homemade smoking pipe “made of aluminum foil and a grinder containing marijuana remnants.” He was released to appear in court.

Wanted person: A man stopped around 2:44 a.m. April 28 on Highway 17 riding the wrong way down Highway 17 was stopped and a check of his name and date of birth showed he was wanted for failing to appear in court in Tattnall County. He was arrested and taken to jail to meet with a Tattnall County deputy.

Drugs, suspended license: An officer monitoring traffic on I-95 around 3:17 a.m. April 28 saw a car suddenly cut in front of a semi to get off the interstate at Exit 87, nearly causing an accident. A traffic stop ensued, the driver gave the officer a Delaware license and wasn’t any good, so he gave the officer a Connecticut license and it was suspended. What’s more, the officer smelled pot. The driver was charged with suspended license and a search showed there was a bag of pot inside, and the passenger showed a card that allowed him to possess the pot in Delaware. He was cited for the pot, then was allowed to drive as both men were released to appear in court. 

Matter of record: A man reported April 28 two screens had been ripped off windows of the amenities room at Way Station Apartments.

Pot, traffic violation: An officer spotted a car take a right without stopping at a red light at Highway 17 and I-95 round 1:14 a.m. April 27. The driver smelled of pot, and the officer found pot and booze in the car. The woman was charged with possession of less than an ounce of pot and a traffic violation and given a court date.

Matter of record: A woman reported April 27 her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend sent her a threatening message on Facebook. The two women then exchanged messages before the current girlfriend told the ex girlfriend not to contact her again. The boyfriend lives in Port Wentworth and his current girlfriend lives “somewhere in Effingham County.” The officer told the complainant how to get a restraining order.

Drug possession: A man was cited for possession of marijuana April 27 after a traffic stop for an inoperable brake light led to a traffic stop and the drug dog alerted on his vehicle. A small bag of marijuana was found in the center console, the report said.

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