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RHPD blotter: Obstreperous and underage, man arrested after GOSF
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Underage alcohol consumption, disorderly conduct: Don’t get obstreperous in Richmond Hill. A 20-year-old Guyton man was busted around 11 p.m. Oct. 15 after he left the Seafood Festival and was involved in “a possible altercation” at the crosswalk on Highway 144 going to Cedar Street and the entrance to J.F. Gregory Park.

Police found the man sitting on a curb on Edsel Drive, where he was “extremely loud and boisterous, repeatedly yelling expletives.” The man refused to say what had happened, just yelled and cussed, the report said, so he was put in cuffs. Police found two IDs on him – one reportedly fake – and “(he) also had on his left wrist a red paper bracelet with the Budweiser beer logo.

This bracelet was used at the Seafood Festival to identify individuals that had shown ID to prove their age as being over 21 for the sale of alcoholic beverages.”

The report noted the man was under 21, and it also noted it was “unlawful for any person within the city to engage in any violent, tumultuous, obstreperous or similar disorderly conduct tending to infringe on the peace and repose of the citizens of the city.”

The report narrative went on to say the area was “still extremely populated with adults and children of all ages as they departed from the Seafood Festival, the largest annual event in the City of Richmond Hill.”

The officer ran both IDs through dispatch and the one that said the man was 21 “failed to get a return.” The second one came back showing the man was underage and it had already been suspended for a “juvenile DUI.”

He was arrested, etc., and given a court date, then turned over to his mother. His fake ID was destroyed, the report said.

Lost or stolen property: A women reported Oct. 16 she “was at an event located in the Main House at (Ford Field and River Club and was wearing a yellow in color antique bangle with approximately 7 diamonds (3.42 carat). (She) advised she arrived at the event wearing the bangle and last remembered having it on at approximately 7 p.m. (She) advised the bangle was worth approximately $10,000.”

The woman said she wanted to report it missing in case someone tried to pawn it. She got a case number, etc.

In the meantime, what’s a bangle?

Matter of record: Police were sent to the Highway 17 off ramp at I-95 southbound around 9 a.m. Oct. 14 “in reference to a vehicle on the shoulder and a trailer hitting a road sign.”

There, they found the driver, who told the officer she was heading south on the interstate when she “noticed the trailer detach from her vehicle just before the Exit 87 off ramp,” the report said, noting the trailer “continued down the embankment of the shoulder and then came to a stop shortly after.”

An officer checked the trailer out and “discovered (it) had collided with the Exit 87 off-ramp sign and drug it down the embankment after detaching from the vehicle.”

GDOT was notified, “and informed about the destroyed road sign.” The woman got a case number, etc.

Road rage: Officers were called to “a possible road rage incident involving a gun” in a parking lot of Highway 144 around 7:20 p.m. Oct. 12.

The report said two men were stopped at the Highway 144, Highway 17 intersection when a man “showed them what they believed to be a black handgun. The suspect exited his vehicle at the stop light to show the victims what they described as black, shiny object similar to the handguns officers have on their belts.” The men said the suspect didn’t point the gun at them, but “he appeared to be in some type of uniform, such as one a security guard wears or a fast food employee.”

The men said they turned onto 144 and pulled into a parking lot, where the suspect followed them around a minute or so before he headed west on 144. “The victims were unclear of the reasoning behind the suspect’s actions, other than they were having issues turning at the stop light due to hauling a trailer behind their truck,” the report said

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