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RHPD blotter: Man clocked speeding had license suspended four times in ’ 21
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Suspended license: An officer running radar on I-95 around 1:10 a.m. Jan. 14 spotted a southbound sedan going “at a speed that appeared to be higher than the posted speed limit.”

Radar clocked the vehicle at 86 mph, and a traffic stop followed. When the officer asked for the license, the driver “advised … that he did not have one due to it being suspended.”

The man did give the officer a Georgia ID card and a check showed the man’s license had been suspended in April, May, September, September, October and December of 2021. The man’s car was impounded. A further check of the man’s driving history shows he “has three previous convictions for Driving While License suspended in the last five years,” the report continued, noting the man was wanted for a probation violation in Chatham County and by the Hinesville Police Department. Neither agency wanted him held, so he was cited and taken to jail.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to Highway 144 across from Publix around 6:40 a.m. Jan. 14 regarding an injured deer.

There, he found the complainant and the deer, which was “laying almost halfway between the entrance to the Cove and Sterling Woods Drive. It’s rear half was in the sidewalk and his head on the grass,” the officer noted, and the complainant told him he found the animal in the road and “stopped and moved it out of the roadway and would’ve put the animal down himself, however he didn’t have a pistol.”

The deer had “injuries to both the front and back legs, its face and one of his spiked antlers appeared to have been torn out,” the officer reported, adding that he’d already gotten permission to put the deer down.

“With my back to the roadway, careful aim, and making sure the deer’s neck was on the grass, I discharged my back-up weapon and put one round into the deer’s neck ending it’s suffering.”

The officer ended his report by noting the make and serial number of his back up handgun and let dispatchers know a round had been fired “in case of anyone calling 911.” The city’s public works provider EOM was also contacted to pick up the poor creature’s carcass. “Use of force report was completed,” the report ended.

DUI, hit and run, possession of marijuana: A woman reported her vehicle was hit in a bar parking lot off Highway 17 around 12:19 a.m. Jan. 10. The woman said she was outside waiting on a ride when she saw a man get into an SUV and back into her vehicle. When she went to talk to him, the man, described as a “heavy set white male,” “pulled off fleeing the scene onto Highway 17 then turning left at Harris Trail and pulling into the parking lot of Food Lion.”

That’s when she called police, she told an officer, who then drove over to Food Lion and found the man’s vehicle “in the rear parking lot of Food Lion,” and found him sleeping in the front seat. The report said the man smelled of booze and was unsteady on his feet, etc, and noted the officer found a small amount of pot in the vehicle.

After failing the field sobriety test, the 51-yearold man was arrested for DUI, etc.

Criminal damage to property: A man reported Jan. 12 he was leaving work at a Highway 144 address around 10:20 p.m. he found his motorcycle had been damaged. The man said he parked it in the parking lot next to another bike around 4 p.m. and went into work, and around 4:30 p.m. a co-worker told him there were two motorcycles parked out front and “one was laying on its side.”

The complainant said he checked it later and saw his bike was standing and the other bike was gone, so he went back to work, then after finishing his shift found his license plate bracket was broken, there were scratches in the paint, a broken clutch handle and more.

The officer reported “it appeared someone had sat on the motorcycle removing the kickstand from its position and was unable to hold the motorcycle up, causing the damages.”

The complainant was given a case number.

Matter of record: Waffle House employees called the cops on “one belligerent customer who refused to leave,” around 10:35 a.m. Jan. 15. The manager told the reporting officer the man “was being very belligerent after having been asked by staff to relocate from the family seats to the single seating accommodation at the counter.” That’s standard procedure at the store when customers are dining alone, and “she asked him to move but he refused and started shouting at her. She also advised that this was not the first time he had displayed this type of behavior.”

She asked that the man be banned from the store indefinitely. The officer complied, and told the man “if he returned to the premises he would be arrested for criminal trespass. “ He left.

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