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RHPD blotter: Drunk men chase motel manager
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

DUI, disorderly conduct, etc: Police were called to a Highway 17 motel around 10:59 p.m. Oct. 10 because two drunk men chased the manager “through the parking lot.” It, and a lot more, was caught on tape. 

The two men, who had New Jersey addresses, were apparently part of a construction crew staying at the motel. One was charged with underaged drinking, the other was charged with DUI, reckless driving, driving without a license, open container, obstruction, public intoxication – the report said it was for “urinating in public while intoxicated – and, as the report put it, disorderly conduct, “for chasing after and scaring the manager.”

DUI: A 59-year-old Richmond Hill man was charged with DUI after police were first alerted to him about 3:30 a.m. Oct. 10 as a “possible drunk driver who was currently inside the Waffle House.”

The man got into his car and drove away, and police followed, then conducted a traffic stop.

The man “had to use the vehicle to pull himself up and out of the vehicle,” and to keep his balance, and “had also urinated on himself.” The man told the officer “he only had one drink,” and that he had a prostate problem. The man told officers he needed to go to the hospital, but was first going to drop off a friend and then call an ambulance. After saying he had COPD and couldn’t take a breath test, the man “lit up a cigarette and began smoking it with no issue,” which led the officer to deduce he was “giving excuses for not being able to complete any testing.”

The man was ultimately charged with DUI, improper turn and open container and taken to the hospital by EMS to get his knee and hip checked.

Matter of record: Police were asked on Oct. 7 to ban a homeless man from property in Ford Plaza. A complainant said the man “had been sleeping on the bench in front of their business every night,” and he “regularly left garbage, cigarette butts and used condoms on the sidewalk in front of the business.” The man was found and given a criminal trespass warning.

Theft: The same man who’d been banned from Ford Plaza on Oct. 7 was reported on Oct. 11 to have stolen a gas station clerk’s lighter and later for “eating food in the Kroger and harassing customers.” The clerk’s lighter was found on the man and returned to the clerk.

As for what happened at Kroger, according to a separate report, police were sent there around 9 p.m. Oct. 11 because a man was taking food off the shelves and eating it in the aisle. The on-duty manager said the man, “described as a tall heavy set white male” ‘’ came into the store and grabbed a Monster energy drink and began to drink it,” and “then grabbed Oreos off the shelf and began to eat them as well.”

The man then went into the parking lot and “began to harass the customers,” before disappearing into woods over the by the Fish Hatchery. He was found “in the wood line” and “had started a fire in the dry brush.” He was arrested, etc.

Matter of record: Police were called on Oct. 11 to remove a man from a Highway 17 motel because he “had been scaring children on the property and walked the area non-stop making other tenants uneasy.” When police went to talk to the man, “he attempted to lock himself back in the room.” Officers were able to stop him and the man was given a criminal trespass warning and told if he came back he’d be arrested.

Obstruction: Officers responding Oct. 11 to a report that a man at a motel on Highway 17 was “overdosing on fentanyl,” were told the man was OK but also saw him laying on the floor unconcious with someone giving him “rescue breathing.”

EMS was called, and witnesses told police the man came into their room and passed out and they weren’t sure what he was on, but the man and one of the witnesses had gone to a nearby liquor store.

Then, as one officer was returning to the room he “heard a muzzled pop sound,” and found the unconscious man was now conscious and bleeding from one arm. EMS said when they tried to put the man on the stretcher he “ran into the bathroom, then exited the bathroom with a knife.” The pop the man heard was apparently the sound of the man being tased by another officer.

Ultimately the man was put into an ambulance.

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