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RHPD blotter: Borrowed or stolen vehicle?
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From Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports: 

Matter of record: A 31-yearold woman called RHPD on Saturday to say her car was stolen.

Then she told the officer she let a guy use it Friday and “it has been gone a while.”

The woman then said when the guy brought the car back to her Saturday “and when she confronted him about the car he drove off,” and went to Savannah. The officer told the woman he’d do a report for “misuse of vehicle,” but the car wasn’t stolen.

He told the woman to call Chatham County and Savannah police and tell them about the car.

Then, the officer got in touch with the guy who had the woman’s car.

He told the officer “(she) let him borrow the car because his was broken down and he paid for an oil change in her car, but she did not want to go to Atlanta to pick up a transmission for his car so he went alone. (He) said he started drinking in Atlanta and had to stay the night there, but brought the car back today.”

The man, whose age wasn’t available, said when he got the car back to her she “started yelling and was trying to assault him,” so he left “to avoid a confrontation.”

He also told the officer the car was at a Richmond Hill address, and the officer called the woman and told her he’d give her a lift.

When they got there, the car was there but not the man who borrowed it and took it to Atlanta. “The keys were in the vehicle and the vehicle smelled of marijuana. (The woman) got the vehicle back and will cut all ties with (the man,” the report said.

Shoplifting: The manager of a CBD shop reported June 17 and showed officers video of a “white female, approximately mid to late 30s walk over to the shelf with the vape items on it and can be seen putting an item in her bag.”

An employee questioned the woman at the register but the woman said she didn’t take anything, and then goes “and tries to take another item, but was stopped by the employee,” a report said. The woman then evidently left the store.

Authorities do have a photo of the woman’s face. It was circulated to other shifts, the report said.

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