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Quill flags, vehicle signs to be allowed in proposed regs
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Concerns expressed from some business owners about portions of Richmond Hill’s proposed sign ordinance regarding quill flags and vehicular signs were addressed Tuesday by the Richmond Hill Committee for Architectural Review.
The committee, which has been working on the sign ordinance, met to discuss the concerns voiced during a public hearing held April 22 regarding the proposed sign ordinance.
The committee decided Tuesday to exempt quill flags from the sign ordinance regulations. However, the ordinance does limit quill flags to one per business or tenant, requires them to be no closer than 10 feet from any street right of way and not be more than 8 feet tall.
Mayor Harold Fowler sat in on the committee meeting and said he would like to see that quill flags used by businesses remain in good condition.
The committee agreed, and the latest version of the ordinance requires quill flags not to have tattered edges. The business’ quill flag must also remain indoors when the establishment is not open for business.
City Council member Russ Carpenter, who serves on the committee, said business owners he’d spoken with about quill flags view them as a vital part of their business.
“To them, it’s beyond just bringing in people for a sale, that’s an integral part — and they tell me a very cost effective way — to get people in there on a daily basis,” Carpenter said.
The committee also discussed vehicular signage, another concern expressed during the April 22 public hearing.
The committee noted the ordinance would allow vehicular signage for businesses, but decided the vehicle must be parked in a legal parking space on the property it is advertising and not allowed in the public right of way.
There are exemptions for motor vehicles being used to transport “persons, goods or services,” vehicles on a construction site and others. Storage trailers are not exempt.
The City Council is expected to vote on the ordinance at its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.
To read the latest version of the sign ordinance, visit

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