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Qualifying update No. 3: Tara Baraniak not running for chairman
Qualifying ended Friday at noon
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Editor's note: Tara Baraniak has "relinquished" her candidacy for the Bryan County Commission chairman's seat, according to Elections Supervisor Cindy Reynolds. This story has been updated to note her withdrawal from the race.

As expected, the most contested race in the upcoming county elections will be that to replace longtime Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith, who is retiring.

The rest of the races are uncontested.

Two incumbents didn't qualify and aren't running for re-election -- state court judge Ray Smith and District 3 County Commissioner Steve Myers. 

Qualifying ended at noon last Friday.

Here’s a list of qualifiers. 

An (I) marks an incumbent.

Sheriff: Mark Crowe, Mike Fordham, Alfonza Hagan, Mike Maxwell, Doug Sahlberg, Keith Welch.

All but Hagan are Republicans. He's a Democrat. 

Probate judge: Billy Reynolds (I)

Superior Court Clerk: Rebecca Crowe (I)

Tax Commissioner: Carroll Ann Coleman (I)

Coroner: Bill Cox (I)


Chairman: Carter Infinger (I)

District 3: Dallas Daniel

School board:

Vice chair: Karen Krupp (I)

District 2: Dennis Seger (I)

District 3: Derrick Smith (I)

State court judge: Billy Tomlinson

State court solicitor: Don Montgomery

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