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Woman turns tables on suspected stalker
Bryan County Sheriff's Office Reports
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June 6 – An officer was dispatched to the area of William Wells Road in Richmond Hill in reference to possible stalking. The officer spoke with a woman who described a man and the car he drives that had been passing by her home and apparently harassing her mother since December.

The complainant said the man has stopped in front of the home and beeped the horn before driving off.

She also said the subject sometimes flashed his lights at her mother. On one occasion the woman’s husband followed the man, and he didn’t return for a few weeks, the woman said.

On this particular date the woman said when the man appeared in front of her home she got her camera and began taking photos of the man, at which time he put his hands in front of his face. The woman was able to bring the pictures up on the computer and the officer was able to get the suspect’s tag number. The reporting officer and another officer went to the home of the person to whom the tag was registered but no contact was made.

The case was turned over to a detective for further investigation.



June 12 – While patrolling Hwy. 17 an officer saw a car cross the center line several times and pulled the car over. The officer spoke with the driver and asked if he had been drinking. The man said he had had several drinks that evening.

The officer reported smelling an odor consistent with alcohol coming from the man and asked if he would submit to a preliminary breath test. The man agreed, telling the officer that he believed he was over the legal limit.

The breath test indicated the man did have alcohol in his system and he was placed under arrest.

The man was taken to the Bryan County Jail where a breath tested showed that his blood-alcohol content was over the legal limit. The man was given citations for DUI and failure to maintain lane.


Theft by Taking

June 16 – An officer was dispatched to the area of Strathy Hall in reference to a stolen boat. The officer spoke with the owner of the boat who said it was tied to his dock in previous days but that when he checked on the boat earlier in the day it was missing.

The man said his boat was older and described it to the officer. The man provided the officer with the boat’s serial numbers and other information pertinent to the investigation.



June 17 – An officer responded to a call in the area of Holly Hill Road in Richmond Hill regarding a burglary. The officer spoke with the homeowner who said he had been out of town and upon returning home heard from his pet sitter that his house had been robbed.

The pet sitter said that some time between noon the previous day and noon on the day of the report someone had broken into the home through a rear window in the living room. The pet sitter said he discovered the window when he arrived to feed the man’s dog. The owner of the home said two guns were missing but that the bullets were not taken because they were in a safe. The man didn’t have the serial numbers for the guns but said he could get them.

All information was turned over to a detective for further investigation.


Attempted Suicide

June 19 – An officer was called to a residence on Hwy. 17 in reference to a possible suicide. The officer spoke with a man who said he and his girlfriend were having problems and that he had cut his left wrist with a knife. EMS arrived and took the man to the hospital.

The officer spoke with the man’s girlfriend, with whom he also has a child, and she said that the man came over to her home stating that he wanted to be with his family. She said that they were on the porch and that he took out a knife and cut his wrist.

The woman told police that the man was not being violent at the time but that he was very depressed. She also said her boyfriend had cut his wrist in response to her not letting him see their child.


Incidents taken from reports on file at BCSD.

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