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Woman pulled over, provides passenger's information instead of her own
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Dec. 31 – An officer was dispatched to the vacant lot between Dollar General and Savannah Tire because a vehicle was reported to be on fire. When the officer arrived, the vehicle’s owner said he had been traveling north on Hwy. 17 when his vehicle caught fire. “He saw flames and a large amount of smoke emitting from the engine compartment and was able to get the vehicle off the road,” the report said. RHFD arrived and extinguished the flames and the man said he did not need a report.

Criminal trespass

Jan. 5 – Criminal trespass was reported on Landing Way after a man said someone had removed the screen from his kitchen window and entered the home. The man told police he thought he wife could’ve done it. She reportedly had not been at the home since Dec. 10 and the man said they are in the process of getting a divorce. The man said property belonging to his wife was now missing, giving him further belief it had been her who had removed the screen. The responding officer told the man that, until a court order specified otherwise, his wife was entitled to equal access of their home and property. However, because the screen was damaged and he is on a lease for the home, the officer said the man could report that and he was given a reference number.


Jan. 5 – An officer was running his stationary radar on I-95 near the 86 mile marker when he reportedly clocked a woman driving 88 m.p.h. in the 70 zone. She was stopped and found to have a suspended Florida driver’s license.

“When confronted with this information, the driver said the license she handed me was her passenger’s. I asked why she had handed me the passenger’s license to which she said that because I walked up to the car on the passenger’s side they thought I wanted the passenger’s license,” the officer’s report said.

When the woman provided her license, it was run and also found to be suspended. She was arrested and brought to the Bryan County Jail.


Jan. 6 – A domestic dispute was reported to have taken place at Young Way after a woman allegedly showed up to speak to the woman of the residence about an affair, which the offender claimed to have had with the woman’s husband. Due to the constant arguing that was taking place when police arrived, the alleged offender was asked to step outside. The report said the woman smelled of alcohol and when asked, said she had been drinking. She voluntarily took a preliminary breath test, which positively said the woman was over the legal limit, the report said. The officer took the woman to the Waffle House where she again met with the complainant to discuss their personal issues.

Simple battery

Jan. 6 – Police were dispatched to CVS after a woman said her niece had been assaulted. The complainant said she was at a friend’s house when the alleged offender spit in her face and slapped her on the right side of her head with an open hand after they got into an argument. The report noted no visual signs of abuse on the woman.

The man, who was interviewed at his residence on Carter Street, admitted to the verbal argument but said it had not gotten physical, the report said. The woman was told she could pursue a warrant against the man if she wanted to and the officer explained how to get a restraining order after the woman expressed concern for her safety. She was given a case number.

Entering a vehicle

Jan. 6 – A pink a green pocketbook, two unknown credit cards, a Victoria’s Secret gift card, Polo gift card, Old Navy credit card, Georgia driver’s license, children’s book bag with an inhaler in it, Motorola cell phone, a .270 caliber Winchester rifle with a black synthetic stock, a Simmons Pro Hunter rifle scope, a .30-30 caliber Marling with a wood grain stock and a Tasco three-by-nine rifle scope were listed as missing after a husband and his wife’s vehicles were both entered at a residence on Rice Gate Drive. The man said the vehicles were entered after the man left for work at around 7:50 a.m. The man reported no property damage and had no further information on the missing items. The report noted that a detective was not called to the scene because it had been contaminated by both complainants entering their vehicles. The man was given an incident number.

Entering a vehicle

Jan. 6 – Gold and silver horseshoe earrings, a bracelet and a silver necklace with a diamond circle pendant were reported stolen after a man noticed someone had been in his vehicles. He said the items were taken from his 2003 Dodge Intrepid and that his 2006 Scion had also been entered but he was unsure if anything had been taken from it. He was told a report would be on file for the incident.


Jan. 6 – A man was pulled over after reportedly speeding at a rate of 62 m.p.h. in the 45 zone near Royal Oak Carwash on Hwy. 17. The man stopped at the Auto Zone parking lot and the officer found his license to have been suspended “several times,” the report said. He was placed under arrest for driving with a suspended license and taken to jail.

Harassing phone calls

Jan. 6 – A man went down to the station to report harassing phone calls he was allegedly receiving from his ex-girlfriend. The man said he had broken up with her roughly two months ago but the woman refused to stop sending him text messages. He reportedly had already asked her to stop and changed his phone number in an attempt to sever communications, but she had somehow found out his new number and started texting him on the date of the report.

-From RHPD reports on file.

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