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Woman allegedly steals animal hospital file
Reportedly refused payment and stole a patient file from RHAH
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Theft by taking

Nov. 9 – An employee at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital reported a theft after a woman came to pick up her daughter’s animals. According to the employee, she told the woman she would need to pay for the services before she could have the dogs, and the woman became irritated. After a brief argument, the employee allegedly agreed to let the woman pay for the services by the end of the week. The employee said during the argument, she removed the dogs’ patient file and placed it on the front desk, and had to leave to assist with a surgery after speaking with the woman. She said that when she returned a few minutes later, the woman and the file were both gone. The employee was told a report would be on file.


Simple battery

Nov. 10 – A woman walked into the RHPD to report an argument between her and her boyfriend. She said the argument began because her boyfriend said she was a complainer and became upset, and threw some candles at her. While they didn’t hit her, the boyfriend allegedly told her to leave the residence. The woman said she told him she would get her stuff and leave, and the man got even angrier and "grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the refrigerator," and put her in a choke hold, the report said.

The report noted several red markings around the woman’s neck. She said she was currently living with her boyfriend but was planning on moving out to live with her mother. She told police she was not going to press charges but did want to get a restraining order, as this was allegedly the fourth incident of a physical altercation.



Nov. 7 – A man on Sandpiper Drive said he had heard a loud noise outside his home in the middle of the night, but disregarded it, believing it to have come from Ft. Stewart. The next day, he found his Jaguar had been vandalized; the Jaguar emblem had been broken off and left behind on the ground, a large dent was found in the hood and several shoe prints about the hood, top and trunk of the vehicle. The report said it looked as though someone had walked all over the car, from front to back. The shoe size appeared to be a size eight to 10 men’s. The man said he had no idea who would damage his car, but that a similar incident had occurred with his other car some time before, at the same address. He requested extra patrol in the area at night and was given a case number.


Criminal trespass

Nov. 7 – A woman said she left her Reese Drive home around 7:45 a.m., locked her front door, and went to work. When she returned home at 5:30 p.m., she noticed damage to the front door frame around the knob, including the knob itself which was loose with stripped screws, but no damage to the door frame itself. Police investigation verified the damage, noting that the rubber around the door frame had no damage, consistent with that of someone sticking a screwdriver in between the door, trying to pry it open. The officer told the woman she would need to put her house on the security check list while her husband is deployed in Iraq. She was given a case number.


Matter of record

Nov. 6 – The owner of the Harmony House reported concerns of another employee acting unprofessionally towards some of the patients. The woman said her employee has had problems with one patient in particular, and has confronted the woman about sexual harassment issues with the patient. The woman said she has not personally witnessed the issues, but admitted the patient can be aggravating. The woman said on the report date, the employee was pushing the patient in a wheel chair and his foot was caught under the foot stand and his catheter was twisted around the axle of the chair. When confronted about it, the employee replied that she couldn’t take it anymore, the report said. The woman said substandard patient care is grounds for termination.

The employee said she has had problems with the patient for the past two years, involving numerous counts of sexual harassment, the report said. She said she had taken her complaints to the owner, but "her pleas have fallen on deaf ears," the report said. She admitted to "losing her cool" regarding the situation with the wheel chair that day, and said she had been summarily fired. The woman said she has witnesses for the sexual harassment, but that none of them will come forward for fear of losing their jobs. The woman was given a case number.


Damaging mailboxes/mail

Nov. 6 – An Ivey Street resident reported damage to his mailbox. After returning home from work, the man saw someone had knocked his mailbox down. A neighbor said when she had left to pick up her kids at 3:15 p.m. that day, the mailbox was still standing. Police inspection verified that the mailbox had definitely been knocked down. The man was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the report.


Automobile theft

Nov. 7 – A Casey Drive apartment resident reported his vehicle stolen. The man said around 9 p.m., he parked his green, four-door 1999 Saturn SL1 in front of his apartment. He said all doors were locked, but his wallet was left on the passenger side seat. At around 11 p.m., he said he looked outside and saw his vehicle still parked in his space. But at around 12:30 a.m., he went outside to find the vehicle missing.

Police asked if anyone else had keys to the car, since there was no sign of broken glass or forced entry. The man said he had previously lent his vehicle to a number of people "he really didn’t know all that well and they could have made keys to the vehicle," the report said. The man was given a case number.


Burglary of residence

Nov. 5 – An Egret Circle resident reported a burglary in her home. She said she had left for work at 6 a.m. and returned home at 4 p.m., realized her home had been burglarized. Police reported the house had been entered by smashing a kitchen window located on the rear of the house. The woman reported the following items stolen: a Panasonic 42" plasma HD TV set, silver, with a dent on bottom next to speakers; Polaroid TV set; a safe with $300 cash and important papers; and a Toshiba laptop computer; between 30-40 DVDs. She was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the report.


From RHPD reports.


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