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Vehicles Damaging County Property
Bryan County Sheriffs Crime Reports

Incidents are from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports.

Feb. 14
A deputy spoke with a man at the South Bryan sheriff’s office who said he was heading south on I-95 the day before and “following a co-worker towing a boat for the company that they work for. (Complainant) stated that he saw a bag fly out of the back of the boat. A vehicle hit the bag that was laying in the road way. At that time, (the complainant) did not know what was inside the bag. When (he and co-worker) stopped they realized the bag contained a handheld piece of equipment that has probes that attach to it.”
The report noted the equipment was valued at $9,500.
“(Complainant) stated that he went back to I-95 to try and find the equipment. The equipment could not be found.”

Feb. 10
A Mill Run Road man said a “white male wearing blue jeans and black hoodie covering his head” on his porch ran off when confronted.
The complainant told BCSD he’d been out jogging, got home and heard “a rustling noise coming from the garage below the house,” a report said.
When the complainant checked, he saw the man in the hoodie “standing under the porch with his back toward him.” He yelled at him. The man ran away. The complainant couldn’t find anything missing.

Feb. 9
A deputy responded to a machine shop on Tucker Road regarding thefts. “Complainant stated that on several different occasions a person(s) has been removing miscellaneous tools and different types of metals from within the machine shop.”
Complainant wanted the incident documented.

Feb. 11
Deputies were sent to Dunham Marsh Trail around 9:30 p.m. “in reference to vehicles damaging the road,” a report said.
“Upon deputies arrival we could see where vehicles were spinning tires in the dirt,” a report said. “Deputies made contact with suspicious 4 trucks near the intersection of Belfast Keller and Belfast River Road in the dirt area. Deputies identified the drivers. The drivers admitted to being on Dunham Road and denied spinning any tires. Deputies cautioned the drivers about the area they were in and advised them of the consequences of damaging county property. The drivers were released from the scene.”

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