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Thieves allegedly uses threat of x-ray in robbery
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Robbery by force

Oct. 10 – Police were dispatched to a home on Hwy. 17 after a man reported being robbed. The elderly man said he was sitting outside his home when two white males in a black vehicle pulled into his drive and said they were "going to help him," the report said. One man allegedly escorted the complainant into his home, talking about a check the complainant had received and telling him he was "going to x-ray him."

The victim was then escorted to his bedroom and told to lay down for his "x-ray." He was told to remove his wallet from his pocket, which he also complied with. The suspect took $1,000 worth of cash out of the wallet and left. There were no witnesses and the man couldn’t provide a detailed description of the men, or any other information about the vehicle, other than it was black and a 2000 model or newer.


Criminal trespass

Oct. 5 – During routine patrol, a deputy spotted someone with a flashlight and reported hearing voices of several people in the vacant home located just beyond Bird Cemetery in Ellabell. After calling for assistance, four people were found walking around the home. After questioning them, one of them was found to be a juvenile and her parents were notified. All were told that, if the owner of the home is located and wishes to pursue the matter, they could be charged with criminal trespassing and burglary.


Entering auto

Oct. 7 – A lockbox with $300 cash and a bagful of various makeup items was stolen from a woman’s car while it was parked in her driveway. The woman said the car had been locked when she left it the night before, but the next day found her bag missing and the front passenger door lock broken. The makeup was worth about $100 she said, and the locker-style safe with the cash was also in the makeup bag. The woman was given a case number and she said she merely wanted a record in case any further incidents were to happen.



Oct. 9 – A Pembroke resident reported someone breaking and entering her home to steal a prescription medicine bottle that contained two Loracet pills, and apparently her 22-caliber revolver with a wooden handle. She said the home was fine when her son’s girlfriend had left it at 2 p.m., but the doors were unlocked when the complainant got home at 6:45 p.m. The gun was registered in the woman’s name and entered into the database as stolen. There were no signs of forced entry and the woman’s large pitbull runs loose on the property; the deputy said it appeared someone had used a key and apparently knew the dog. The husband said the dog would bite if the offender was unknown.



Oct. 7 – Just outside Richmond Hill city limits, a woman was pulled over after allegedly hitting the fog and center lines a number of times. The deputy spoke with the woman and after allegedly smelling alcohol coming from the vehicle, asked her to step out of her vehicle. When she did, she almost fell, the report said. The deputy asked her if she would move the car from the left side of the highway over to the right side, off the roadway. She told the deputy he could move her vehicle for her.

The woman admitted to having a few drinks, followed by her failing the field sobriety tests and testing .197 for alcohol, the report said. She was placed under arrest for driving under the influence and was placed into the back of the patrol car. During the search of the woman’s car, a "blount cigar containing marijuana and a marijuana cigarette were found in the ash tray of the vehicle, both had been partially smoked," the report said. Another deputy arrived to search and transport the offender, who reportedly vomited numerous times during her trip to the station.

Once at the station, the woman refused the breath test, and became highly agitated, allegedly cursing and yelling at all the officers present, and then began to vomit again. EMS was called to make sure the woman was okay, and she received citations for failure to maintain lanes, DUI and possession of marijuana, and was taken to jail.


Runaway juvenile

Oct. 6 – An Oak Hill resident reported his 13-year-old son missing. The father said the boy could’ve been on his way to Liberty County and was last seen on Clarktown Road. Several hours later, the father called to inform police the son had returned home and he didn’t wish to file a juvenile complaint. The boy’s name was taken out of the system.



Oct. 11 – A woman reported "marital troubles" between her husband and her, and said the man had been staying with her the day before because she was taking him to the airport. She said while she was sleeping the night before, her husband "found some items on her computer and he got mad," and went into her bedroom and hit her twice in the face. She told him she would take him to the airport, but during the trip he hit her again. She got out of the vehicle and walked home, calling the police at that time. She wished to report her home computer and lap top computer, belonging to the Bryan County Board of Education, missing, as they were in the vehicle when her husband left. She was told how to get a warrant.


Terroristic threats

Oct. 10 – A Pembroke resident had just returned from staying with a friend in Claxton. Since her return, she said her friend has been intoxicated most of the time and appeared upset that she is back in town, the report said. On this particular day, the woman said she had gotten four phone calls from him, as verified by her caller ID, but he refused to say anything and just hung up. The final time, he spoke to her, allegedly saying "I promise next time I see you I will kill you," the report said. The woman noted she could tell from his voice the man was highly intoxicated. She said she wanted to get a protective order against the man, and was afraid he might come to her place of work. She was told to see the Superior Court Judge to get the order.


From reports on file at the RHPD.



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