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Satelite dish taken from residence
Richmond Hill Police Department reports

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

March 6
Police could be on the trail of a woman who stole another woman’s purse by pretending it was her mother’s.
According to an RHPD report, police were called to Papa John’s Pizza to talk to the complainant, a woman who said she’d she accidentally left her purse when she picked up a pizza around 5:30 p.m.
“On the way home, she realized she did not have her purse with her and called the Papa John’s,” the report said. “An employee advised her that the purse was behind the counter.”
The complainant said that because the purse was safe behind the counter and because of traffic, “she waited until later to pick up her purse.”
But when the woman returned, the purse had “been claimed and been given to another female.”
The officer then spoke with two store employees. The first said a woman came into the store to order a pizza shortly after the complainant left and pointed out the purse was missing, so it was placed behind the counter.
When the woman came back to pick up her order, she told the second employee her mother had left her purse, described it accurately and claimed it.
But the woman paid for her order with a Visa card, “the full credit-card information on the suspect female could be obtained from Papa John’s corporate office ….”
The victim said she wanted to prosecute. She was told to cancel her credit cards and call police if any of her cards were used.

March 6
One more from the “if it isn’t nailed down someone just might steal it” file.
In this case, a man with a home on Lewis Drive reported “an unknown person(s) took a small satellite dish from the rear of his vacant residence without his permission by cutting the wires connected to the residence and removing it from a metal pole.”
There were no witnesses. The man will prosecute if the crook is found.

March 8
An officer was dispatched to Goody’s around 6:20 p.m. Sunday to deal with shoppers who didn’t want to leave the store after it had closed.
Once he arrived, the officer spoke with a manager who said two women refused to leave the store “after closing time and were being rude to staff,” the report said.
“(The manager) wanted both of the females banned from the property,” the officer reported. “I made contact with the females … and advised them that they were being banned from the store. (Both women) denied being rude to the staff.”
Both women had to sign forms indicating they’d been banned from the store, then were escorted from the property.

March 8
A woman called RHPD on Sunday to report her neighbor on Shady Oak Circle “keeps her two dogs in the backyard, and they bark most of the day. (The complainant) stated it has been an ongoing problem and would like to remedy the situation,” the report said.
The officer noted he could hear dogs barking “the whole time I was on scene.”
So he spoke with the owner of the dogs, which were described as “small and white.”
“(She) stated she did not think it was a big deal her dogs bark, and her other neighbors do not seem to be bothered by her dogs barking,” the report said. “(She) stated she and her husband have observed the residents (from the complainant’s address) spray their dogs with a garden hose.”
The dogs kept barking while the officer spoke with the woman, who then put her dogs inside and “they quit barking,” the report said.
“I advised (the woman) that if her dogs continue to be a nuisance, she would be cited with city-ordinance violation 14-12, nuisance animal.”

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