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Richmond Hill Police reports
Officer may have been bitten on thumb at scene of accident
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Simple Battery

March 28 – A woman called police in regard to a domestic dispute at Plantation Apartments. The woman told the officer she and her husband had an argument over a computer issue. She said her husband slapped her in the face during the argument, causing her to call police. The officer said he was not able to see a mark on the woman’s face.

The officer then spoke with the man, who said at no time had he hit his wife.

The officer said neither of the two people had any visible marks on them and the apartment showed no signs of a struggle. The woman told the officer her husband had been seeing other women and the man told the officer his wife had made many threatening phone calls to him while she was in Savannah earlier that day.

The woman agreed to leave the apartment.


Terroristic Threats via Computer

March 28 – An officer spoke with a woman at the police department and she told him she had received a threatening e-mail via the MySpace social networking site from an unknown user. In the e-mail, two people threatened her, saying they were going to beat up the girl. The message included other threats about "playing games" and contained strong, profane language.

During an investigation, the girl showed the officer a business card with the contact information to one of the people making the threats.

The woman told the officer the threats could have come from her husband’s friends in New Mexico. She said her husband was deployed to Iraq and that upon return they were going to get a divorce. She told the officer her husband’s mother, who lives in New Mexico, would know the contact information to her son’s friends. The woman then told the officer she had contacted police in New Mexico and they told her they would help investigate if another agency contacted them.


Criminal Trespass, Making Threatening Phone Calls

March 28 – An officer responded to a residence on Dearborn Avenue in reference to a complaint of harassment. A woman told the officer her ex-boyfriend had been making numerous calls to her cell phone and that he had come to her home and tampered with her car, removing a relay so that her car wouldn’t start.

The woman told the officer she and the man had lived together and he had recently moved out.

She said about a week before the man had pushed her down in the kitchen, causing her to break her cell phone. She also said her ex-boyfriend was not taking his medications, which he needed for a mood disorder, and she was afraid he would come back and either damage her property or harm her physically.

The woman told the officer she had no reason to contact her ex-boyfriend in the future and the officer told her to refrain from doing so.

He also told her to document any unwanted communication from the man, and advised her on how to obtain a temporary protective order against the man if the harassment didn’t stop. The officer also told the woman there was a shelter available for her and her son if she feared for their safety.



March 29 – While directing traffic on Harris Trail Road in response to an accident, an officer was told the boyfriend of the woman arrested for DUI in connection with the accident was acting disorderly.

The man came up and introduced himself to the officer and asked to speak with the arresting officer, who was busy.

The officer directing traffic told the man he could talk with the arresting officer in just a few minutes.

The man then walked off talking on his cell phone, telling obscenities in reference to his girlfriend’s arrest. The officer asked the man to walk to the side of the road by the ditch until the arresting officer could talk with him.

As the man walked to the side of the road the officer inside the car where the man’s girlfriend was detained opened his car door and the woman began yelling something to the man. The man turned around and ran towards the car but was stopped by two officers and walked back to the side of the road.

The man was advised that he would have to leave the scene after being told several times about staying at the ditch and to watch his language. Officers asked the man’s brother if he would take him home, and the two walked to the brother’s car. The man was throwing punches at his brother and pulled away, falling two or three times into the ditch.

An officer was walking behind the two to make sure the man was taken home without any incident and the man turned and ran towards the officer. The officer took hold of the man and placed one hand cuff on him.

The man then turned around and tried to pull the officer to the ground. The officer was able to take control and subdue the man, who was cuffed and taken into police custody.

As the officer walked away he noticed his thumb was bleeding badly and it was checked out by EMS, who said it looked like a human bite and should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.


Information taken from reports on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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