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RHHS student's wallet allegedly raided
During football practice, student said debit card and cash were stolen
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Financial card fraud

Nov. 8 – A Richmond Hill High School student said that, while he was at football practice, someone stole his debit card and $43 out of his wallet. The boy said he left the locker room at 3:30 p.m. and returned at about 4 p.m. and the items were missing. The locker room is left unlocked during practice, the report said. The debit card was used at 4:36 p.m. at the Walmart gas station and inside the store for a purchase of $53.38. The transactions and card have been cancelled and the report was turned over to the school resource officer and a detective for further investigation.


Theft by taking

Nov. 5 – An Ellabell resident said she had fallen asleep and awoke to find her vehicle, along with a woman who had been at her residence, gone. The complainant said the woman lived in Effingham County. She called the woman up, who told her "not to worry," that her son was going to return the vehicle. The complainant said the vehicle was never returned.

The offender was contacted by police, and said the complainant was "crazy and she had not been at the complainant’s residence." She said she had seen the woman at the Ken’s IGA in Blitchton, and the complainant had left her vehicle there and driven off with a white male on a motorcycle. The alleged offender said the woman had probably forgotten where she left her vehicle. The deputy located the vehicle in the Ken’s parking lot, and transported the complainant from her home to the parking lot, where the vehicle was turned back over to her.



Nov. 2 – A deputy was dispatched to Pridgen Lane in Ellabell in regard to a report of domestic dispute. Upon arrival, the woman said her boyfriend whom she lives with, had hit her in the fact, breaking her nose and knocking out two teeth. The deputy did note the missing teeth and blood on the woman’s face. The man was found hiding underneath a table in the kitchen area and was placed in handcuffs. The man was searched and the deputy found two pipes used for smoking crack cocaine in the man’s front pocket. While walking the man to the patrol unit, the man allegedly tried to make a run for it, but was quickly caught and taken to the Bryan County jail.


Theft by taking

Nov. 1 – While visiting with friends in Ellabell, a woman said several of her Lupus medications were stolen from her purse in her vehicle while it was parked, unlocked, at Linda Lane. When she got home later that day, she discovered her recently filled prescriptions, including 87 of 90 Lorcet were missing and that approximately 50 of 90 Xanax were also gone. The woman said she didn’t know who could’ve taken the pills, but that one woman at the get-together had been around her vehicle several times throughout the day.



Nov. 3 – While traveling on Hwy. 144, a deputy attempted to pass a Honda Civic in the fast lane, but the Honda came over into the deputy’s lane, "almost hitting (the) patrol car," the report said. After allegedly watching the Honda hit the fog and center lines numerous times, the car was pulled over on Dearborn Road.

The deputy asked the woman if she had been drinking, and she said she had just left the Jukebox Bar. The deputy said he could smell alcohol on the woman’s breath and noted her eyes were watery and her face red. She was asked to step out of the vehicle to take a preliminary breath test, but replied that she was not going to get out of her car. Another unit was called, but the woman said, "I’m not getting a DUI I am almost to my friend’s house where I am staying the night," the report said. The assisting officers arrived and the woman stepped out of her vehicle and tested positive for alcohol in the preliminary test. She was placed under arrest and taken to the station where she blew a .196 BAC. She was taken to jail without further incident.


Theft by taking

Nov. 2 – A Bill Futch Road resident reported sometime between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m., someone took two tree stands from the mount on the back of his Mazda Navajo. One of the stands was an "old man" seat and the other was a buckshot seat, the report said. The value of both is roughly $300. The complainant said he had no idea who might have taken it, but that he did hear a disturbance in his yard around midnight. Neither deer stand has any identifiable marks or serial numbers.



Nov. 6 – A man said on Oct. 18 and Oct. 23, an unknown person removed two blank business checks from where they are kept at his father’s residence. The checks belong to the family business and require dual signatures from both the complainant and his father. They were to be used to pay for hired help to care for the complainant’s mother, but were used instead in the amounts of $600 and $750 for an unknown man. The complainant said he believed the signatures on both checks to be forged and that one of the people hired to care for his mother had been involved.



Nov. 7 – Joshua Circle in Ellabell had a reported burglary. The man said he had gone home for lunch and when he returned home at the end of the workday, his HP laptop, which he had left sitting on the couch, was missing. He said all exterior locks had been locked, and were still locked when he returned home again. There was no sign of forced entry. The man told police the only other person with access to the residence is his roommate, who is currently in Iraq.


Attempted burglary

Nov. 8 – Harry Hagan Road in Pembroke had an attempted burglary reported. The man said he returned home at about 5 p.m. to find a rear window in the residence broken out. The deputy who inspected the incident noted the window was a double pane insulated window, and had been hit with enough force to throw glass across a 15-foot wide room. Due to the location of a small table under the window, there was no sign of entry. The complainant said he had checked and nothing appeared to be missing. A 1x2x30 piece of wood was found in the yard, which was allegedly used to break the window.


From BCSO reports.





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