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Police say man relieved himself at station
Richmond Hill
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Sept. 4 – A silver van was pulled over after tailing, and almost running into, another vehicle on Hwy. 144. The report said the driver had a difficult time getting the van into park, as it continued to slowly drift forward.

The driver smelled of alcohol, and said he was on his way home, following his wife from a pub in Savannah. The report said the man’s wife then pulled up in a new blue Ford Explorer. The woman gave the officer her husband’s license and proof of insurance, and the officer requested the man step to the rear of the van.

When the man allegedly had difficulty doing so, the officer asked if he would take a field sobriety test, which the man refused. He was placed under arrest for "DUI less safe based on his erratic driving, the smell of alcoholic beverage on his person, his confused state, and his lack of balance," the report said.

Once at the police department, the man asked to use the restroom. While the officer attempted to take off the man’s cuffs, the man kept moving around and then began yelling obscenities. He said he didn’t want the cuffs removed and that he did not need to use the bathroom. Several moments later, the man allegedly relieved himself on the floor of the booking room. He was released to the bathroom and then given a mop and water to clean up the area.

He spent roughly 20 minutes calling the officers names, making gestures about their families, and "downgrading the professionalism of the department as a whole," the report said. He was issued his citations, which he refused to sign, and released for transport to jail.


Stolen/lost tag/decal

Sept. 3 – A Richmond Hill resident called in a complaint that he noticed his vehicle had the wrong tag on it. The tag was run and came back with a hit from the Glynn County department on a stolen vehicle. The tag now on the complainant’s vehicle was registered to a Brunswick resident, for a Ford Expedition that had been reported stolen. The tag was taken in for evidence, the Glynn County police were notified, and surrounding counties were told to look out for the newly stolen tag on the Expedition.


Matters of record, inclement weather

Sept. 1 – Police arrived at the Kroger parking lot to find a car partly submerged with water seeping into it. The vehicle was located in the back of the parking lot, and had been run into a ditch.

The officer helped the driver and passenger out of the vehicle and up to dry land. The woman said they were both fine; the driver said she had thought she was in the roadway and that she could make it out of the water. A wrecker came and towed the vehicle, which did have a damaged bumper from the impact of running over the curb into the ditch.

Sept. 2 – A woman from St. Petersburg, Fla., stopped at Love’s Truck Stop to purchase some Rain-X for her windshield. When Love’s didn’t have any, she continued east on Hwy. 144 to find another gas station.

At the Hwy. 144 and I-95 intersection, the woman said her vehicle hit the concrete divider at the bottom of the southbound on-ramp. She said the weather had "obscured her view of the divider," and after hitting it, her vehicle wouldn’t move. The vehicle was towed and the woman and her family were escorted to the EconoLodge.

On the same day, in the Main Street subdivision, a woman’s Grand Am stalled out about 200 feet away from Harris Trail Road. The driver said she had driven through the water and her car had simply stalled out. A wrecker arrived and towed the vehicle to the Saw Mill Plaza, where the vehicle’s owner, the driver’s father, was located.


Disorderly conduct

Sept. 1 – A Dominos Pizza customer arrived to pick up a call-in order, and used profane language, and made loud and obscene comments to the employee who waited on him.

The man allegedly told the employee he was staying in room 211 at the Days Inn, since she was going to call the cops. When police went to the Days Inn, the man admitted he had expressed "displeasure" with Dominos, because they did not give him directions to pick up his order, and had hung up on him, the report said. The officer told the man not to return to Dominos, and the man said that wouldn’t be a problem.


Animal abuse

Sept. 1 - Officers responded to a hotel on Hwy. 17 on the report of individuals in a vehicle with Virginia tags running over two kittens in the hotel parking lot. The matter is under investigation and a surveillance videos are being reviewed.



Sept. 1 – A Richmond Hill couple reported two checks stolen from their checkbook. They found the money missing when they checked their Bank of America account online, to find that one check had been cashed in the amount of $3,000. They said the only person who had been in their home alone was a contractor, whom they did not currently have contact information for. They were given a case number.



Aug. 31 – A theft was reported on Bald Eagle Drive. A woman said sometime in the early morning hours an American flag, which had been on the lanyard and hoisted up to the top of the flag pole in her front yard, had gone missing.

The complainant said her husband walked down the street and found another flag lowered, lying on the ground, not hoisted to the top. The officer checked the area, but could not find the woman’s missing flag.



Information taken from reports on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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