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Police reports: Feb. 14-29

The following information was taken from reports by the Richmond Hill and Pembroke police departments and the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office:

Feb. 14

Possession of illegal or controlled substance — The tag reader of a PPD officer in the area of Highway 280 and Strickland Street transmitted an alert that a nearby red 1993 Nissan pickup had a suspended registration and no insurance.

The officer located the vehicle, which was heading east on Highway 280, and initiated a traffic stop near Clyde’s gas station. He asked the driver, a female, how long she knew her vehicle’s registration was suspended and that it had no insurance. She said she and her boyfriend were in the process of buying the truck, but she was unable to locate proof of insurance.

When the officer asked for the licenses of the driver and the passenger, a male, neither had one. The officer collected their dates of birth, then the female said she had to use the bathroom. She was allowed to go into the gas station while the officer kept her in his line of sight.

The dates of birth and names gathered showed that both of their licenses were suspended. Before the female was transported to Bryan County Jail, the female was asked if she had any contraband; she said no. After arriving at the jail, she again was asked if she had anything on her, and she again replied no. She was searched by a female deputy, who found a clear plastic bag in the female’s left pocket. The bag contained a white crystal that was suspected to be methamphetamine.

When asked about the discovery, the female said that the pants she had on belonged to a friend.

The substance tested positive for methamphetamine. No contraband was found in the bathroom used by the offender.

Feb. 15

Suspended license — A PPD officer stopped a male driving a white SUV with no rear tire eastbound on Bacon Street.

The officer told the driver that he could help him change the tire, but could not let him continue driving without a tire. The driver said he did not have the proper tools to change a tire. The officer asked the driver to pull off the road and into the city’s parking lot.

The officer asked dispatch to check on the vehicle’s tag, which came back registered to a green Chevy Tahoe. Upon checking the driver’s license and vehicle information, the officer found that the driver’s license had been suspended for failure to appear. The vehicle’s information was valid.

While the driver was being arrested, he said he had a concealed firearm on his person. The officer located the weapon from a waistband holder on the driver’s right hip. The weapon was secured, and the officer told the driver where he could retrieve it when he was released from jail.

The driver was transported to the Bryan County Jail.

Feb. 27

Driving under the influence — An RHPD officer pulled over a silver Chevrolet Camaro for speeding as it headed northbound on Highway 17.
The vehicle was clocked as going 65 mph in a 45-mph zone.

While the officer spoke with the driver, he detected an odor of alcohol coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. The driver also had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. When asked if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages that evening, the driver nodded yes as he looked down.

The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. The driver was unsteady as he stepped out. The officer asked the driver how many alcoholic beverages he’d had that evening; the driver said he’d had too much but was unsure how many.

The driver began doing field sobriety tests. He said he couldn’t do agility-type exercises because of back issues. The officer asked the driver to submit to a preliminary breath test, but the driver said he knew he was already drunk and refused the test.

The driver was arrested and transported to the Bryan County Jail.

Public drunkenness — RHPD officers went to the parking lot of Molly Macpherson’s for a report of a male trying to get into vehicles.

An officer saw the male staggering in the parking lot next to the Bryan Bank lot. When the officer approached the male, the officer detected the odor of alcohol from him and noticed the male’s eyes were bloodshot and speech was slurred. The male said he was trying to find his vehicle and had been at the Jukebox Bar and Grill across the highway. The officer tried to arrange a sober driver for the male, but the male tucked his left hand behind his back. When the officer asked the male to remove his hand from that area, the male said no. At that point, the male was arrested and taken to the Bryan County Jail.

Feb. 28

Matter of record — A deputy spoke with a complainant on Brisbon Road in Richmond Hill about a drone flying by his property.

The complainant said he and his wife were doing yardwork when they saw the drone hovering about 50 feet above nearby trees. When they waved at the drone, it took off. A little later, they saw it hovering again above the trees two houses away.

The complainant was concerned about the drone having a camera and the possibility of it being used to determine if homeowners were away.

No charges were made; the complainant wanted to make deputies aware of the situation.

Feb. 29

Terroristic threats — A complainant on Holly Hill Road in Richmond Hill said two men came to her residence and demanded four bullets for a .38-special-caliber handgun.

She said they put the gun on her living-room table and said they would kill her if she did not get them the bullets.

The males took the gun and left the residence, she said, but texted her that they were coming back. She added that they said they were going to rape her.

The subjects were believed to be in an older-model, four-door, gray compact car. They were not found in the area.

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