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Police reports: Feb. 10-20

The following information was taken from reports from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and the Richmond Hill Police Department:

Feb. 10

Theft by taking — An RHPD officer responded to a report of the theft of bricks.

The complainant said a cube of 500 bricks was taken from a vacant lot next to his property at 11260 Ford Ave. He said the bricks were secured with green plastic straps and were the same bricks as in the next-door Life Moves Dance Studio. He was going to use the bricks to build a sign for the studio.

The complainant was unsure of the date the bricks were stolen, giving a time frame of 9 a.m. Feb. 1 to 5 p.m. Feb. 5. He added that there were tire marks next to where the bricks were stored, and that the green straps had been cut and were still lying in the lot.

The responding officer saw ruts consistent with tire marks, but did not see any identifiable tire-tread marks. There also did not appear to be surveillance cameras in the area.

Feb. 15

Matter of record — The owner of Royal Inn told an RHPD officer that a female staying in one of his rooms had not paid in full and left the room damaged after checking out.

Upon searching the room, the officer found a green oxycodone pill in the nightstand near the bathroom. Other items uncovered included a clear rock substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine, various pills, a used syringe that held a clear liquid, a silver spoon covered in residue and some residue-covered cotton balls.

The officer saw damage to the room’s air conditioner and a power outlet near the sink. The owner gave the officer the female’s information and said a male and juvenile female also stayed in the room.

Obstruction of officers/resisting arrest — An RHPD officer responded to a report of a hit-and-run at the TA truck stop.

The complainant said he was exiting the truck-parking area when his vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer. The complainant said the other driver got out, became angry and yelled racial slurs before driving away. He also appeared to be impaired by alcohol, the complainant added.

The officer found a truck matching the complainant’s description in the parking area. There was damage on the passenger’s side consistent with the accident.

The driver was found sleeping inside the truck. After not getting a response to knocking, the officer opened the unlocked truck door and told the male to wake up.

The male said he had been parked there for a few hours. When asked if he had been in the crash, the male said no and that the truck’s damage was old.

However, another officer spoke with the male, who then admitted he had been in an accident with the complainant.

The first officer asked the male if he had been drinking. The male said he did inside his truck after he moved the vehicle. A short time later, he said he was drinking in an area bar and admitted to drinking before moving the truck.

Upon receiving consent to search the truck, the first officer found no alcoholic-beverage containers inside. Also, the male’s log book had not been updated since Feb. 12.

The male entered his vehicle through the driver’s door, locked the door and refused to exit. The second officer said he was under arrest, but the male didn’t unlock the door and said he was calling 911. The first officer went to the passenger-side door and told the male he would break the window if he did not unlock the door. Since no attempt was made by the male to unlock the door, the first officer tried to break the window with a flashlight. The second officer broke the window with a baton.

The male was arrested and transported to the Bryan County Jail.

Feb. 16

Matter of record — A complainant came to the RHPD to talk about two juvenile males who sold her a Rice Krispies treat with a pill stuck on the side.

The complainant said she was approached by the juveniles at the Kroger shopping center. The juveniles said they were selling treats to open a bakery.

She bought two of the treats, one heart-shaped and the other round. When she got back to her residence, she found a small, round, white pill stuck to the side of the heart-shaped treat.

The pill had no identifiable markings and was sent along with the treat to be destroyed.

Feb. 17

Reckless conduct — The BCSO was contacted by Hunter Army Airfield about green lasers being pointed at Coast Guard helicopters. The lasers were detected as coming from the Buckhead area.

Deputies searched that area, but did not find the alleged offenders.

Criminal trespass — A complainant on Homestead Drive in Ellabell told the BCSO that her daughter, who lives on the same street, was on her property against her wishes and barged into her residence.

According to the complainant, her daughter is under the influence of methamphetamine has been told not to come back to the property.

The mother said the daughter had been transported by Bryan County Emergency Management Services to a hospital because of her condition.

The BCSO planned to make contact with the daughter upon her release in order to serve a criminal-trespass warning.

Feb. 20

Matter of record/civil matter — A complaint told the BCSO that a resident who lives on Farmer Court in Ellabell dug up a septic tank and pumped raw sewage into nearby woods behind his residence.

The responding deputy tried to make contact with the resident, but no one was home. However, the deputy did see that the tank had been dug up and that an electric sump pump was attached but not running at that time.

There also was a line of PVC pipe from the tank’s location to the backyard, as well as evidence that something was being pumped into a ditch between the person’s residence and the neighbor’s residence. Also, the deputy noticed a strong odor of sewage.

The complainant requested a report in order to make a complaint to the Health Department, code-enforcement department and the homeowners association. The Department of Natural Resources said all it can do is file a report with the Environmental Protection Division, but the deputy was unable to get all the information needed to make that report.

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