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Pembroke Police blotters for Dec. 1-4

The following information was taken from reports from the Pembroke Police Department.

Dec. 4

Theft by taking, firearm — A PPD officer was called to a fight in Miller Village, with a large number of people gathered near an address on Dubois Street. The officer was approached by the complainant, who said her son was “mushed” in the face. However, the officer did not see a mark on the son’s face where he supposedly had been hit.

The officer repeatedly asked the mother, who appeared agitated, to go to the police department, where she could receive further help.

While on the scene, the officer was approached by a male who said he was trying to break up a fight when a teenager reached in and stole his pistol from his waistband, then ran off through the woods. Both the male and the first woman demanded the officer find the teenager. With a large, agitated crowd on the scene, the officer repeatedly told the male and the woman to go to the police department. The male said he could get the officer the pistol’s serial number. The two left, and the officer dispersed the crowd.

The officer later met with the male at the McDonald’s parking lot and received the gun’s serial number. The male’s mother arrived and was causing scene. The officer then went back to Miller Village to find the teen. He was directed toward a residence on North College Street, where he came into contact with the teen. The teen said he didn’t have the gun, adding that another person grabbed it and ran off with it.

The officer then received a call about a noisy crowd at the McDonald’s parking lot. When he arrived, there were several vehicles and people there. The people were being loud, with the first male’s mother being the main person who was disorderly. The officer repeatedly advised them to disperse or be arrested for disorderly conduct.


Agency assist — A PPD officer was sent to McDonald’s in Pembroke to assist Bryan County Sheriff’s Office deputies on a possible stolen vehicle. Moments later, it was reported that the vehicle, a black BMW, was going westbound on Highway 280 past the old ALCO building. The PPD officer followed the BCSO deputy as they went after the vehicle, which turned into a driveway about 1 ½ miles outside the Pembroke city limits.

The officer and the deputy pulled around on opposite sides of the house. A male was seen quickly exiting the BMW and briskly walking to the house’s left rear when he saw the BCSO vehicle. He turned to the right and tried to make it to the rear door, but the officer met the male at the rear door. The male was asked to stand by his vehicle while his and the vehicle’s information were checked. Visibly nervous, the male said he couldn’t remember where his ID was.

Two more PPD officers arrived on the scene. After some more questioning, the male began to run away. The first officer chased him and took him to the ground. The male sat up and acted like he was going to hit the officer, but the deputy came in and held down the male’s upper body. The male refused to give the officers his hands despite repeated requests and tried to struggle free. An officer told the male he would use a stun gun on him if he didn’t give them his hands. After continuing to resist, the officer used the stun gun on the male, who immediately quit struggling.

During a search of the BMW, the deputy found a small leather case containing a plastic bag with methamphetamines and another bag with several pills.

The male was transported to the Bryan County Jail. Once his name and date of birth were confirmed, his information showed he was wanted out of Bryan County and had a suspended driver’s license. The first officer sustained superficial scratches to his face and right arm during the struggle with the male.


Dec. 1

Simple battery — PPD responded to a Singleton Lane residence for a 911 hang-up. A woman at the residence said she was unaware of what the responding officer was referring to, but thought her daughter had the phone. The daughter wasn’t found at the scene.

The officer contacted the daughter’s brother, who also didn’t know where she was. The officer left the scene to locate the woman, and was told by three females on Williams Road that she was driving her mother’s Saturn and was headed to the Strickland Street extension.

The woman was found by the officer driving north on Strickland Street. The officer made contact with the woman, noticing that she was crying and her left forehead was swollen and had a cut. When asked by the officer what happened, the woman didn’t answer. After the officer asked again, the woman said it was her boyfriend, who lived on Singleton Lane.

The suspect was not at the address given by the female. The officer said that earlier that evening, while she was taking a water hose to a relative’s house, she saw her boyfriend talking to some girls. She confronted him about it, because he yelled at her when she was hanging out with other boys. They had an argument and she tried to leave, but he slapped her on her face. She said she threw a beer can at him to try and get away, but he hit her with a closed fist on her head. She said she then left the scene.

The officer got a description of the suspect from the woman.


Damage to property — A PPD officer went to a Kayton Court address for a report of a possible burglary. The complainant said he left his house about 3 p.m. and when he returned, the house had been vandalized. The garage door appeared to be pushed in, possibly by a vehicle; a paint can had been thrown through the window to the left of the front door; an obscene image had been drawn on the garage door; and the mailbox had been run over.

The complainant said he thought the vandalism had been done by his ex-wife and her boyfriend, adding that the dents in the garage door looked like they matched the winch box on the front of the boyfriend’s truck. The complainant also noted that a few days before, his ex-wife kept trying to get in his truck while he was bringing their child back to her. He provided an address on Pine Road in Ellabell to see if there was any damage or paint transfer on the front of the boyfriend’s truck.

Another officer was unable to locate the vehicle at the residence.

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