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Meet PPD Officer Marissa Fleming
LT - new Pembroke COP 0330
Pembroke Police Department Officer Marissa Fleming stands next to one of the department's cruisers. - photo by Photo by LeeAnna Tatum

Pembroke residents may have noticed a new face around town, Officer Marissa Fleming is the newest member of the Pembroke Police Department.

The Bulloch County native is currently one third of the way through her 12-week field training in the department.

Chief Randy Alexander said that throughout the interview process, Fleming stood out from the other candidates and, based on policy standards, was the most qualified candidate in oral interviews. Alexander also considered her personality to be a good fit for the department and the city.

"Through the interview process, she did the best," Alexander said. "She stood out as someone that could be approachable, she had a good personality… She had all the traits we look for to make sure that she’s compatible with the city."

"We want her to be comfortable around the citizens and we want the citizens to be comfortable around her, and she portrayed that throughout the interview process," he concluded.

Alexander said that Fleming is off to a good start as she completes her program with a field training officer. During this period she will be made familiar with PPD policies and procedures and will be introduced around town.

Fleming seems at ease in her new position. Her prior policing experience was with the campus police at Georgia Southern University after putting herself through the Law Enforcement Academy at Ogeechee Technical College.

Fleming also worked with a private probation company, Sentinel, but the work was not to her liking. "I decided I didn’t really like private probation, so I decided I wanted to get back on the road for a little bit and get some more road experience," she said.

Not wanting to work a desk, Fleming’s inclination is service-minded. "I’ve just always been drawn to a profession that’s more servant oriented. I just wanted to be able to help people. I didn’t feel like I was helping anybody (at her previous job).

Fleming is looking forward to making a difference in the Pembroke community. She said she has felt welcomed by the Department and the residents alike.

"It’s such a small department that you get to know everybody pretty quick. Everybody has been really nice and everyone in the town that I’ve met, they’ve all been real welcoming," she said.

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