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Man wakes up to find rental truck stuck in his back yard
Bryan County Law Reports
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Theft/dead livestock

Aug. 22 – An Ellabell woman reported one rooster and three chickens missing from their coops on her property, each valued at $15. An anonymous witness said he saw someone around the coop at the time of the alleged incident. On Aug. 23, when the woman went to feed her four-month-old baby goat, she found it dead in its shelter. She told the deputy the goat was in good health and had not been acting peculiar in any way when she had seen it on Aug. 22. The report said the goat had no signs of injury, and was valued at roughly $700. After the theft of her chickens, the woman believed the goat’s death "to be highly suspicious," the report said. The woman was told how to get a warrant.


Property damage

Aug. 22 – A Richmond Hill resident awoke to find a Penske rental truck stuck in his backyard. He said the driver told him he had "mistaken his driveway for Harden Road, drove the rental truck down his driveway and into the landscaped flower bed area of his backyard," the report said. The truck driver gave the same story, adding that when he realized his mistake, he tried to turn the truck around but got it wedged between two trees instead. Penske Truck Leasing called a wrecker service and had the truck removed, causing further damage as the wrecker truck left "deep tire marks in the yard due to its weight." Additional damage included a cedar tree being knocked down and deep holes in the flower bed.


Welfare check

Aug. 20 – A deputy was called out to Pembroke on a call to do a welfare check. The woman said she and her husband had been in a fight, and she was concerned for her daughter. When the deputy pulled into the Hwy. 119 residence, the husband pulled out and left after being asked to wait. The woman told the deputy their marriage was over and her husband was having a "hard time dealing with it," and she was planning to leave once her daughter returned home from school that day. The husband returned to the property, and the deputy found the man was carrying a "large knife" in his front pocket, and had a "fully loaded" 9 MM pistol and two gas cans in his truck, according to the report. The man told the deputy the gun was to kill a fox that had been eating his chickens, and the gas was for his lawn mower. The report said the man was "very upset" and asked the deputy what he should do; he was told to call a family member and/or seek advice from a church. The deputy also told him it "did not look good on his part with all the items that were in his truck," and said he should probably stay away from the house for the day and let things "cool down."


Four wheeler theft

Aug. 19 – Two Honda four wheelers were stolen from a Hwy. 144 residence. The owner said he and his girlfriend had ridden them the night before, and noticed them both missing from his parents’ driveway. He said they had parked the ATVs and left the keys in the ignition. He said he didn’t know who could’ve taken them, and nothing else on the property was tampered with. The two ATVs were valued over $15,000 combined, and he was told by the deputy that the case would be turned over for further investigation.



Aug. 17 – A deputy was called out to Daniel Siding Road in response to a man "being attacked by five males," the report said. The man said five men in a green or black Chevy Silverado had chased him down the road and tried to attack him. When the deputy left, he spotted a green Silverado parked at the EconoLodge Motel that had been pulled over by a Richmond Hill officer.

The driver smelled of alcohol and took a sobriety test, blew a 0.108 Breathalyzer and failed the field test. He was arrested for driving under the influence and taken to the Bryan County Jail.

The original complainant did not press charges because he couldn’t identify his attacker.


Drug possession

Aug. 22 – After running a check on a white Nissan Maxima’s plate, the tag came back suspended with no insurance. The driver was stopped on Hwy. 17.

He gave the deputy his license, and looked for – but could not find – an insurance card, the report said. A check on the driver’s license showed that it had been suspended in Feb. The deputy had the driver move into the back of his patrol car, and asked if there was anything he should know about before searching the car. The driver said there was marijuana in the center console, according to the report. The deputy noted he found a pill bottle with less than one ounce of marijuana and a glass smoking device, the report said. The man was arrested for possession of marijuana, driving on a suspended license, driving on suspended registration and for no insurance.



From reports on file at the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.

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