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Man thwarts alligator bite while fishing
Crime reports
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The following reports are from the Richmond Hill Police Department:

Matter of record
May 11 — Upon arriving at a home on Laurel Hill Circle just before midnight, officers found dozens of plastic forks in a Richmond Hill man’s yard. Officers also found eggs that had been thrown at the man’s home. He had no idea who may have forked his yard, but told officers he would like an apology if the culprits were found.

May 19 — A Midway man got more than he bargained for when fishing in J.F. Gregory Park around 4 p.m. As he attempted to put his caught fish on a stringer, the man said an alligator attempted to bite him. He then caught the alligator, which was about 5 feet long, and took it to the Richmond Hill Police Department. Trapper Jack was called and removed the alligator.

May 20 — A Richmond Hill man wound up in the retention pond off of Frances Meeks Way after trying to make his way around Richmond Hill due to the brief closure of Highway 144 last week. He said he was unfamiliar with Frances Meeks Way and was traveling faster than the posted speed, although he wasn’t sure what it was. He said he missed the turn, ran into the grass area and could not control his vehicle. No injuries were reported, and officers noted he did not seem to be under the influence of anything.

Public drunkenness
May 7 — Officers noticed a Florida man holding a sign and soliciting money on the southbound off ramp on I-95 around 4:30 p.m. Officers spoke with the man who said he was soliciting money to buy minutes for his phone. The man had blood-shot, glassy eyes and smelled of alcohol. He told officers he’d had a “moderate amount” of alcohol to drink and was arrested.

Possession of marijuana
May 9 — Just before 10 p.m., officers checked the tag of a vehicle in the parking lot of the Waffle House off of Highway 17. The owner of the vehicle, a cook at the Waffle House, was wanted out of Chatham County for a probation violation. The officer found the man and placed him under arrest. While speaking with him, officers noticed he smelled of marijuana. The man said his friend had just smoked marijuana in his vehicle, but a search by a drug dog indicated there was marijuana in the car.

May 20 — Officers stopped a Richmond Hill man around 1 a.m. on Highway 17 after he was seen driving without his headlights on. While speaking with the man, officers could smell marijuana and used a drug dog to search the vehicle. The man admitted to having a pipe with marijuana in it in the center console. He was also cited for the headlight violation and having improper license plates.

May 18 — Just before 9 p.m., officers noticed a black truck cross the center line of Highway 17 north. The man told officers he swerved because he was reaching for his cell phone. While speaking with the man officers smelled alcohol, but the man said he hadn’t been drinking. A breath test showed he had been drinking, and officers also found an opened beer bottle in the truck.

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