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Man thinks ex might've stolen truck to 'get even'
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Counterfeit money

July 3 – The complainant said he went to Ken’s IGA to cash an unemployment check. A couple hours later, he submitted a counterfeit $50 bill that he said was given to him when he cashed his check. At the IGA, the manager on duty said she couldn’t verify the money had been distributed from there. The money was taken into evidence.


Public drunkenness

July 10 – When the deputy responded to a call about a disturbance on Holly Hill Road, the offender was seen walking away from his mother. During questioning, "it was obvious that (the man) was in a grossly intoxicated state due to being unsteady on his feet, the strong odor of alcoholic beverage about his person and glassy eyes," the R/O said. The man also had difficulty comprehending instructions from the deputy. When the woman asked that he leave her residence, the man "became agitated and refused to leave unless she gave him money." The man was arrested and taken to the jail.



July 6 – A stolen vehicle was reported on Holly Hill Road. The man said his Ford F150 truck had been stolen the night before, while in Savannah. When he got home in the morning, around 6 a.m., he found his work truck, a GMC 3500 was also missing. He said he didn’t know if the two thefts were related, but mentioned his ex-girlfriend had a key to the truck and may have "taken his truck to get even with him." The man was given a case number.


Domestic dispute

July 6 – Police were called out to Zachary Trail in Ellabell after a domestic fight reportedly broke out. The woman said her and the offender had started arguing, "about the children," and she had started breaking some things. At that time, she said the man "bit her on her finger and she bit him back," the report said. The man allegedly then took off with their son. The woman admitted to having a couple drinks when questioned about the smell of alcohol. The deputy got in touch with the alleged offender, who gave the same story, and the deputy brought him back to the house so he could get some belongings and stay elsewhere for the night.


Criminal trespass

July 6 – A deputy was dispatched to Shuman’s Trailer park after hearing a domestic dispute had broken out. When he arrived, six people complained of being in the fight.

They identified the "primary aggressor," saying he was asked to leave someone else’s property after coming over unwanted and slammed the man’s door. Several other people began yelling at the man, telling him to leave.

The man’s mother reportedly started to lead him away and someone on the property told him to "carry his own (profanity)." The man returned to the property and the physical altercation started.

The report said all seven were involved in the fight. One man suffered a neck injury, another a split lip, one had a bloody nose, several people sustained bruises and the offender had injuries to his ribs. EMS came and transported one of the people involved.

The whole situation started when the man arrived at the complainant’s residence, "beating on her door demanding to be let in and for her to speak to him," the report said.

The woman ran over to her parents' house and he followed her there.

The man was arrested for criminal trespass and all people involved were given case numbers.



July 2 – The complainant said she’s been getting phone calls from International Gateway, trying to get her to purchase things from them.

She said she tells them every time that they don’t need to call her back but they have continued to do so.

She said the date of the report, the caller and her got into an argument and he threatened to kill her. She said wanted the report done as a matter of record.


From reports on file with the Bryan County Sheriff's Office.

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