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Law reports
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March 19 – While on a traffic stop at Dogwood Avenue, a complainant reportedly flagged down an officer for help. "The complainant told me that earlier in the day he noticed a set of strange footprints on his back porch," the report said. "He also pointed out a chair with the back in a reclined position, and the legs knocked off the floor protectors. The complaint added that he has no shoes with that sole print and that he never sits in the chair with the back reclined and has never dislodged the chair from the floor protectors." The complainant’s wife told the officer earlier in the morning, she heard strange noises outside. They were given a case number.


Suspicious person

March 19 – An officer was making rounds at the RHES when he saw a vehicle stopped at the Linwood and Ivey Streets intersection. "The vehicle backed up and turned his lights off, sitting in the middle of the roadway," the police report said. "I watched them for a moment or so and the vehicle did not move. When I started driving toward them, he took off still without lights, but turning the lights on." The vehicle was stopped and the driver reportedly didn’t have any license or identification. He provided his name and date of birth, which was in 1987. "I told him he needed to call his parents and try to get me a license number," the report said. "I was able to talk to his mother. She told me who he really was and gave me his correct information." The officer learned the boy had never had a license and had been suspended for "serious school violations." He was given citations and taken to jail.


DUI, under 21

March 19 – On Hwy. 144, police were tipped off of a possible drunk driver in a white Chevy S-10. The vehicle was spotted at a red light. "The light turned green and the truck did not move. After about 30 seconds a vehicle stopped behind the truck, activated its horn. The driver of the suspect truck appeared to wake up and began moving east bound through the intersection," the report said. It was pulled over after crossing over the center line. "The driver stopped in the roadway briefly then made an almost 90-degree right turn, crossing both east bound lanes and drove onto the curb in front of the Court House Annex." The officer reported the driver to have slurred speech, but said he hadn’t been drinking. He was asked to consent to a field test, which tested positive for the presence of alcohol. The driver was under 21 and reportedly consented to a sample breath test. He blew a .079 and .074 BAC. He was taken to jail and nothing else was found in his vehicle.


Matters of record

March 19 – While conducting a security check at the Francis Meeks plaza, an officer noticed an unsecured door leading to the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. He entered the building and found all the inside doors to be locked. He made contact with a deacon and asked him to come and make sure everything was locked up and in order.

March 20 – While conducting a security check at the Kingston Building, an officer found an unlocked door leading upstairs. The door at the top of the stairs was locked, however, so nothing else was done.


Animal at large

March 18 – An officer was called out to Cherokee Street in regard to a pitbull running at large in the neighborhood. The complainant said he was taking a walk and ended up being chased by the dog. "He stated the dog barked at him and charged toward him several times," the report said. "The complainant pointed out the last known location of the dog," which the officer then went to go investigate. The dog was spotted, jumping over a fence into a backyard on Robinson Loop.

"I went to the front door of the residence and found that the dog had jumped back over the fence to meet me at the door. It barked at me but then retreated to the backyard again." No one answered the door, so the officer walked around the property and realized no one lived at the home. "The resident across the street confirmed my suspicion and advised me that the previous tenant had left his two dogs in the backyard." There was also an iguana in a cage that "appeared to be alive but had very little movement," and did not have a working heating lamp. Animal Control was called.

The owner of the animals said he was evicted on March 12 and had nowhere to put the animals now. He said he left the dogs at the residence until he could find a suitable home for them and had just made arrangements for the dogs and for the iguana to be returned to the man he originally bought it from. The man was cited for allowing his dogs to run at large and has a court date in April. Animal Control made arrangements to follow up with the iguana.


Identity theft

March 17 – A Richmond Hill woman reported her mail had been forwarded from her post office box to another location. She told a sheriff’s deputy she was "not provided the address of where her mail was forwarded to or who had requested the change." The woman said she filed a complaint with the post office and after an investigation they stopped forwarding her mail. As she went through some of it "which was given to her by the post office as being intercepted," the report said, she found a credit card bill with her name on it but the address of a coworker,. The woman didn’t know if that was the only card taken out in her name. She gave a copy of the statement to detectives.



March 18 – A Jacksonville, Fla., man was pulled over on Hwy. 204 after a deputy "checked the vehicle at 71 mph in a 55 mph zone." The deputy first noticed the man’s eyes were "glassy and glazed looking" and, after running a license check, "I could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person," the report said. The deputy asked the man if he’d been drinking and the man reportedly replied he’d had two beers.

"He then agreed to take a PBT test and was positive at .112 grams," the report said. He later blew a .126 and .123 and was charged for DUI and given a speeding ticket.


Stolen credit card

March 19 – A Richmond Hill man reported his credit card was taken and used three times – once at Loves Truck Stop in Richmond Hill and twice at the Wal-Mart on Hwy. 17. The man said he didn’t suspect family members. He also reported a side door to his house had been left unlocked until March 16, when he replaced a lock. The case was turned over to detectives.


Simple battery

March 20 – An Ellabell man reported the following; "A white female unknown to him approached him at the Mighty Mike’s in Eldora and made verbal gestures toward him. Complainant stated he told her he did not know what she was talking about and therefore she took a swing at him," the report said. "Complainant said he went inside the store to call911 and the female left the area. Nothing further."



March 20 – A woman reported someone stole her brindle bull dog, approximately 12 weeks old. She last saw the dog March 15.



March 18 – A Bloomingdale woman told BCSO the following: "(She) stated that her former sister in law … had took a bird bath from the yard of her ex husband. She also stated that (the sister in law) also took two sleeping bags from the residence. (The woman) stated the property was awarded to her in the divorce settlement and (the sister in law) took it without her permission," the report said. The woman was told how to get a warrant.

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