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Law reports
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Warrant service

June 10 – A deputy reportedly witnessed a white Oldsmobile Alero failing to maintain its lane while traveling northbound on Hwy. 17. He pulled the vehicle over and the driver provided her Georgia Correctional Release Identification Card. She said her erratic driving had been a result of "trying to adjust herself in her seat."

She didn’t have a license to offer up and when her information was run through the system, it came back saying that she was unlicensed and had a warrant out for her arrest in Liberty County for probation violation.

The woman’s warrant was verified and she was arrested and taken to the Bryan County Jail where she received a citation for failing to maintain her lane and for driving while unlicensed. She was turned over to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department from there.


Criminal trespass

June 9 – Trespassing and vandalism was reported at the Kinsale pool in Richmond Hill. The complainant said someone entered the pool during the night "through the locked gate by breaking the bottom of the gate," the report said. "Tile and pool chairs were thrown into the pool. There was also a glass window in the walkway that was broken." The report was forwarded to detectives.


Simple assault

June 10 – Threats were reportedly made at an Ellabell residence. When the deputy arrived, the complainant said an employee of his had a verbal altercation with a neighbor on Strickland Road.

Several witnesses said "she screamed at the employee as he passed her residence at what the witnesses’ state as being a high rate of speed for a 20 m.p.h. residential zone," the report said. The man also reportedly stopped his truck in the middle of the road in an attempt to provoke a physical altercation with a listed victim.

The man could not be found for questioning.


Terroristic threats

June 9 – The complainant said her brother threatened her life after they had an argument about the welfare of her parents.

As she was leaving the residence, she said her brother told her "(profanity), you (profanity) with me and I done warned you, I’ll blow that house of yours up with you in it," the report said.

The woman said her son overheard the threat and she is extremely afraid of her brother and fears for her life. She said she is also concerned her brother might harm her parents, whom he lives with.

She was told of the warrant process, the process in order to get her brother out of her parent’s house and how to get a restraining order against him.


Public drunkenness

June 12 – A deputy was dispatched in regard to a "suspicious person at the I-95 exit ramp at Hwy. 17," where a man was reportedly found "unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and had an odor of alcoholic beverage about his person."

After talking to the man, the deputy said he determined that the man was "homeless and had no local contact person to whom he could be transported to."

A check in the system indicated the man was wanted in Florida but they would not extradite him. He was brought to the Bryan County Jail.

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