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Harassing phone calls, late night horn honking
Richmond Hill Police Department Reports
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Making Harassing

Telephone Calls

June 18 – An officer responded to the area of Blue Heron Court in reference to a woman receiving harassing phone calls. The woman told the officer she had been receiving calls from another woman who would call her after 10 p.m. each night and then park her car in front of her house and blow the horn after 11 p.m. The woman said she had asked the other woman not to do this, and said that when she answers her phone when she receives the calls the other woman hangs up. She said this situation has been going on for about six months.



June 19 – An officer met with a woman in the area of Piercefield Drive who told him that moments before his arrival she had had a verbal dispute with her son. She said she and her son had been at odds for a while and that she wants him to leave but he refuses to. She said that though there was no physical contact between she and her son on this particular night he had pushed and shoved her before, estimating at least five incidents of violence with some involving police involvement.

The officer spoke with the woman’s son and he denied there had been an altercation that night. He said he just wanted to get his clothes and leave the place. The officer told the man not to return to the residence that night unless he had a police officer present; he agreed.

A little while later the woman came into the police station and asked the officer to arrest her son. He explained to the woman that he could not arrest him unless he had committed a crime.


Property Damage

June 22 – An officer was dispatched to a hotel on Hwy. 17 in reference to possible drug activity. When he arrived he spoke with three people, one who stated that an anonymous complaint had been called to the front desk the day before regarding possible drug use. She said since there wasn’t a name given the message wasn’t passed on to police.

Another in the group said that he was checking rooms with a housekeeper earlier in the day and noticed a large amount of insulation from what appeared to be a stripped copper wire lying on the floor. The man said he checked the entire room and discovered what appeared to be a crack pipe in between the mattresses. He said that the drain pull from the bathroom sink was also disconnected and said he had observed similar situations in other hotels in the area. The man reported the situation to the front desk and the police were notified.

The woman at the front desk was able to find a name registered to the room. Though there was no information on the vehicle of the person the room was registered to she did remember a description of them and their vehicle. The woman also said the same name was registered to other rooms in the hotel on two previous nights and that the rooms were left in similar fashions. Hotel employees were asked to contact police if they saw the suspects.


Counterfeit Money

June 24 – An officer responded to a call at a restaurant on Hwy. 17 regarding possible counterfeit money. The officer spoke with a manager at the establishment who said a man had passed a counterfeit $20 bill at the drive-thru. The man said he had the suspect on video.

The officer asked to see the counterfeit bill and noticed right off that the bill was not the proper size or color. He also noticed that the watermark was not made with the right kind of paper. The manager said the man handed the bill to the cashier for the items he bought and was returned close to $18 in change. He said the suspect didn’t even pick up his order but just drove off with his change.

The officer reviewed the surveillance video and noted he could make out a description of the suspect and his vehicle.

The manager told the officer he was contacting someone about getting a copy of the surveillance video for the police and gave the officer the counterfeit bill as evidence.


Public Drunkenness/


June 24 – Officers were dispatched to a gas station close to I-95 in reference to a physical domestic disturbance. The officers pulled up to the area and saw a man and woman standing next to one another. As the officers got close the woman started running towards a nearby hotel. One of the officers exited his vehicle and started yelling at the woman that he was a police officer, but she kept running.

At this point the officer jumped a 12-foot fence and started chasing the woman. As he approached the hotel he lost sight of the woman. Another officer helped him look for the woman but they were unable to find her. After searching for the woman they returned to speak with the man who was with the woman, but he was no longer around.

One officer waited at the scene for a few minutes and went to the hotel to speak with the clerk, asking her if she had any info on the couple. From the officer’s description the clerk directed the officer to a room, where he saw the woman exit. The woman looked at the officer and ran back to the room, slamming the door behind her.

The officer walked around the building to the other side of the door, and soon after the woman exited again. She told the officer she didn’t mean to run but said she just didn’t want to get involved with police. The officer could smell alcohol on her breath and noticed she was unsteady on her feet.

The officer placed the woman under arrest for obstruction and public drunkenness. The woman was taken to the Bryan County Jail where she was released with citations and a court date.

From RHPD reports.

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