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Fire erupts over crabs
Sheriff's department reports
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Obstruction, March 15 – Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Beaulah Church Road. They arrived and spoke with a man who said his cousins were fighting each other and that deputies better “calm them down.”
Deputies spoke with the mother of the young men who were fighting, who said they got into a fight after arguing “over what they had for supper earlier.”
The fight was over by the time deputies got there, but authorities caught up with one of the young men, who was walking from the scene. The man was reportedly intoxicated and belligerent. He was arrested for obstruction and was discovered to be on felony probation probation with a court order to stay out of Bryan County.
Several people in the area told deputies that the young man they were questioning has a history of getting drunk and violent and needs to go to jail in order to sober up. They also reportedly told authorities that “the entire incident started over an argument over two crabs the two subjects were eating.”

Entering auto
March 15 – A Richmond Hill woman on Brisbon Road reported someone stole her GPS system out of her Nissan Altima.

Fleeing from officer
March 13 – Deputy Cleve White pulled over a vehicle on Black Creek Church Road that had no working tail lights. The passenger of the vehicle reportedly appeared nervous and was soon discovered to have warrants out for his arrest.
Deputies went to handcuff the man, who resisted and got into a struggle with the deputies. The man reportedly tried to remove a deputy's gun from its holster during the fight. The man was tased and eventually handcuffed and placed into a squad car.
EMS was called to the scene to assess the man’s injuries after the struggle. While the arresting officer was in the back of the ambulance, the man reportedly fled on foot and got away. A search with K-9s was unsuccessful, according to the report.

Drug possession
March 13 – A woman called the sheriff’s department and said her in-laws stole her and her child’s clothing from her house. Deputies questioned a neighbor to see if he saw anything. The neighbor said the only thing he saw was the woman placing a Crown Royal bag under a tarp on the back stairs to the home.
Deputies opened the bag to find needles and other items commonly used to inject drugs intravenously. Deputies asked if there were drugs to go with the paraphernalia, and the woman produced one roxicodone pill and two suboxone pills. She was arrested for drug possession.

Fleeing and eluding
March 12 – Deputy Cleve White attempted to pull over a vehicle on Hwy. 280 in Pembroke for going 72 in a 55.
The driver reportedly did not pull over and a high speed chase reached 110 miles per hour down 280. The chase continued down Hwy 204 and concluded when the driver lost control and overturned while attempting to turn on Cypress Bay Loop. The driver crawled out the window and attempted to flee until being ordered to lay on the ground, which he did. He was arrested and transported to Bryan County Jail.

Matter of record

March 12 – Deputies were called to an Ellabell residence on Hwy. 204 and spoke with a  man and woman. The woman said the man called her over to his house for sex. She said when the man discovered that “she wasn’t going to give him sex for free, he became angry and called 911 saying that she had broken in.
The man told deputies he awoke to find the woman kneeling by his bed. He said she came in through an unlocked back door. No arrests were made.

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