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Dog sitter allegedly steals drugs
Law reports for Richmond Hill
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Terroristic threats

Aug. 19 – An officer arrived at a Woodcock Drive residence in response to a man’s complaints that his ex-wife, who has remarried, was harassing his fiancée.

As the officer arrived, the ex-wife simultaneously left. The complainant said his ex-wife had repeatedly come to the residence and demanded to speak to his fiancée.

When the fiancée refused, the offender threatened to beat her up.

The man said earlier that week, his ex-wife had ripped his fiancée’s door off her mailbox and threw it at her car; the report noted the mailbox door was missing.

While the officer talked to the complainants, the ex-wife sent several derogatory messages to the man. When the officer attempted to get her on the phone to hear her side of the story, she did not answer.

While on duty later during the day, the officer received a phone call from the offender, who said she wanted to talk to her ex-husband’s fiancée in order to "lay down the ground rules for the care of her children," the report said. The officer told her the woman does not want her on her property.


Entering an auto

Aug. 19 – An Egret Circle resident complained he saw two teens enter a vehicle, "as if they were looking for something."

When he approached the boys, he was told the vehicle was stolen, and they knew the owner.

He said he’d call the police, but they told him not to, left on bicycles and were unable to be located.

The plates on the car were registered to a man in St. Louis, Mo., but there was mail in the back seat addressed to a Pooler resident. The officer contacted Pooler P.D. and was told a man, whose name matched the mail, had been intoxicated and arrested the night before and did not know where his car was.

The vehicle was not violating any parking ordinances and was secured and left until the owner or driver could be identified and/or contacted.



Aug. 19 – A vehicle was pulled over for doing 53 m.p.h. in a 35 m.p.h. zone on Hwy. 144.

The report said the woman’s vehicle smelled of alcohol, and she got nervous while looking for her license. At first, she handed the officer a business card instead of her license, said she didn’t have any proof of insurance, and told the officer she’d had four beers an hour ago.

The officer asked her to step out and perform the field sobriety tests to make sure she could drive home. She agreed but was unsteady on her feet, the report said. She could not pass the tests, and she refused to take the Breathalyzer test. She was brought to the station and given the Intoxilyzer 5000 test, booked, and taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Suspended license

Aug. 18 – A blue Buick was pulled over on Hwy. 17 because one of its headlights was out.

When questioned, the man told the officer his license was suspended and the officer arrested him. The man’s license originally was suspended in 1977, and the last suspension was listed in 1987 for a habitual violator offense, the report said. The man was brought to the Bryan County Jail and the Buick was towed.


Hit and run

Aug. 16 – An officer was called to Love’s Truck Stop on Hwy. 17 for a hit and run accident. A man said he had stopped at Love's, went inside and when he returned to his GMC Sonoma, it had damage to the front.

The officer said the driver side headlight had been smashed, and there was some damage to the front grill. There was no indication what had caused the damage, and there were no witnesses.


Matter of record

Aug. 15 – Richmond Hill Fire Department were called out to Laurel Street because of a gas leak.

According to the report, a Coursey Construction Company contractor demolished a residence, which collapsed on top of a gas line that was supposed to be plugged off.

The contractor said they had the same problem when demolishing another residence next door and the gas company had informed the company that all the gas lines were now plugged. Atlanta Gas Company arrived, a crew member plugged the line, and they received a case number.


Theft by taking

Aug. 14 – A woman told officers her dog sitter stole prescription drugs from her home.

She said that the night before, she had arrived home to find her laptop on with the Internet running. She looked through the history and found several searches about her prescription pills.

She went into her kitchen and counted all her pills, and found thirteen different pills missing from their original containers.

She told the officer the only person who had access was the woman she hired to take care of her dogs while she’s at work, and said the woman had admitted to previously stealing some of her medications in the past. She was told how to get a copy of the report.

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