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Dog run over, owner wants compensation
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Vehicle stop

Aug. 28 – An officer reported stopping a councilman on North Main St. for speeding. The subject was given a verbal warning on speeding; wasn’t wearing a seat belt and wasn’t carrying a driver’s license.


Possible burglary

Sept. 6 – A complainant saw a chair at the base of an open window at a resident on Mikell Street. The officer checked out the residence and didn’t see any evidence of a burglary.


Unwanted subject

A complainant on Williams Road wanted a subject to leave her residence. The subject left without incident.


Speeding mustang

Sept. 1 – An officer responded to Mason Road in reference to a complaint of a speeding white Mustang. The officer found a vehicle similar to the one described by the complainant at a location close by. The officer advised the subjects that if they were the one doing the speeding they should stop.


Possible fight

Sept. 7 – An officer responded to a residence on W.E. Smith Road in reference to a possible fight. Upon arrival there was no one present at the address. The reporting officer found the residence unsecured and made it secure before leaving.


Disorderly complaint

Sept. 8 – According to this report, the police department has had numerous complaints of a disorderly house on W.E. Smith Road, which include underage drinking, fight, and drugs.


Sick elderly

Sept. 5 – An officer responded with EMS to a Mason Rd. address in reference to an elderly male with a high fever and join pain. The sick man was transported to the hospital.


Suspicious person

Aug. 27 – An officer spoke with a person at the car wash who allegedly was begging for money. Later the same officer saw this person again on Park St. and the subject ran and hid when he saw the officer’s car.


Dog ran over

Aug. 30 – A complainant stated to the reporting officer that her cousin had run over a dog which was allegedly in the road on Harn St. The dog’s owner came to the complainant’s residence wanting them to pay for the dog. The officer advised the complainant it was not their responsibility to pay for the dog because he was in the roadway. The officer advised them to call if the dog’s owner came back to their house.



Sept. 1 – A fight was reported on Ledford St. between friends. No arrest was made at this time due to only testimony evidence.


Stolen property

Sept. 3 – A complainant on W.E. Smith Road filed a report of stolen property.


Taken from reports on file at the Pembroke Police Department.




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