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Dispute over money from prom limo allegedly turns physical
Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports
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April 11 – An officer was dispatched to Hendrix Park in reference to a dirt bike that was speeding around the park and riding through the grass. The officer spotted several fire trucks in the area and went to talk with the firefighters. He asked if the firefighters had seen the dirt bike and they pointed to where the bike was located.

As the officer started towards the bike the driver drove away from the police officer. The officer increased his speed and the driver sped up, driving to an off-road portion of the park.

The officer turned on his blue lights and the driver of the bike spun around and was facing the patrol car. The driver then cut through the woods onto Old Mill Road. The officer notified other units to be on the lookout for the bike and another officer spotted the driver and pulled him over.

The officer who had originally been called came and arrested the man driving the dirt bike. The driver asked why he was being arrested and the officer said it was because he was running from a police officer. The driver said he did not know it was a police car chasing him and said he didn’t see the lights. He said he just thought it was someone out there chasing him. The driver of the dirt bike was taken to the Bryan County Jail and was written four traffic citations, including driving unlicensed, fleeing and attempting to elude and having a bald tire.

Terroristic Threats

April 15 – An officer was dispatched to the area of Egrets Lane in Richmond Hill in reference to terroristic threats. The man and woman, both complainants, said they both had been in an argument with the woman’s ex-husband via telephone about child visitation and their transportation. They said that during the call the man stated he was going to come to their home and kill both of the complainants, as well as he and the woman’s two daughters.

The complainants were advised on warrant and temporary protective order procedures and told them the police would do extra patrols past their residence.

After the officer left the home the male complainant phoned and said the man had called and threatened them again, saying he was on his way to their house to shoot them. The man said he did not feel safe in their home and were going to stay at a family member’s house for the remainder of the night.

BB gun on campus

April 16 – A search of the Richmond Hill High School parking lot by K-9s resulted in one of the dogs alerting the officer of the presence of an illegal substance in one of the cars in the parking lot. The driver of the car was identified and advised that his car would be searched.

The student unlocked his car for the officers and inside the car found a black loaded B.B. pistol under the driver’s seat. The officers also found two glass, tube-shaped smoking devices in the car.

The student was then placed under arrest for possession of a weapon on school property and possession of drug-related objects. He was taken to the Richmond Hill Police Department for processing and was then transported to the Bryan County Jail.

Simple Battery

April 17 – An officer responded to a call regarding an assault report in the Frugality Road area in Richmond Hill. When the officer arrived he spoke with a woman who said another woman had come to her home wanting some money back. The complainant said the money was for an upcoming prom for a limousine rental. The woman said she could not give the money back because the down payment had already been made. She said when she told the other woman that she could not give the money back she began yelling and walked back to her car. The complainant said she walked after the woman and asked her to just drop the argument but that the other woman kicked her and tried to punch her in the face but the alleged offender’s friend stopped her.

Another officer talked with the alleged offender who told him she had gone to ask the woman for her money back and when she did the other girl began yelling, telling the woman to get off her property. She said she walked back to her car and did strike the other woman because she thought she was trying to attack her.

The man who stepped in between the two women said the alleged offender had acted physically against the other woman in self defense.

The woman requesting her money back was advised of the process for civil action in reference to her money she wants returned.

Taken from incident reports on file at BCSD.

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