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Deputy doesn't believe burglary report
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office incident reports:

July 13
Burglary — A Pembroke man reported a burglary at his Highway 67 home, but a deputy didn’t believe his story.

The man said he left his house around 7:45 a.m. and, when he returned a few hours later, he saw that the front door had been forced open. He said his medications had been stolen, but the pill bottles had been left behind and nothing else had been taken, the report states.

The man asked how soon he could get a copy of the report so he could refill the medications, according to the BCSO. Because the bottles had been left, nothing else had been disturbed and the door was in plain view less than 50 feet from the road, the deputy felt the man staged the burglary to try to get more pills.

Burglary — Deputies responded to an alarm around 1 a.m. at the Parker’s convenience store on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill.

The window pane by the ATM had been “destroyed,” according to the report. Nothing appeared to have been taken.

Animal complaint — A Pembroke woman reported suffering a broken foot after three dogs jumped on her as she and her fiancé walked down Cypress Bay Loop Road.

The woman said one dog knocked her off-balance by grabbing her purse while another went between her legs, causing her to fall. The fiancé said the dogs were not being aggressive or trying to bite, but he tried to get them off of her.
The woman went to the hospital for X-rays. Her foot was put in a temporary cast, and she made an appointment to get a permanent one.

July 11

House fire — A Richmond Hill woman called 911 shortly after midnight and said her Harris Trail home was on fire and her boyfriend was inside trying to extinguish it.

When firefighters and BCSO deputies arrived, they saw the man outside trying to extinguish the fully engulfed home with a garden hose.” The man and woman both were intoxicated, the report states.

The woman told investigators that after she had an argument with her boyfriend and walked outside for a cigarette, he ran out to tell her the house was on fire. She said candles had been in two rooms that were on fire.

The man said everything he owned was in the house and he does not have insurance, so the Red Cross was called. The woman said her boyfriend had “consumed a large quantity of liquor” and hit her on the chin, but she did not want to press charges.

Terroristic threats — An Ellabell woman reported that “ISIS made threats to her” over the phone.

The woman said someone with a “Middle Eastern voice” called her and said, “I’m going to cut off your head,” according to the report. She hung up and received a second call, from someone who said, “We will find you in your small town.”

The woman said she did an Internet search and the second phone number came back as belonging to the White House. The BCSO told the woman, whose husband is in the military and deployed, that extra patrols would be done in the area.

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