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deadCaller allegedly tells 911 of body in dumpster
Richmond Hill Police Department reports
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Matter of record

Feb. 23 – The Bryan County Sheriff’s Department filed a complaint after a call was transferred from the Savannah-Chatham 911 office. The unknown female caller, who sounded to be in her late 20s, reportedly told the dispatcher that someone had called her and told her they had a "problem with someone, so they cut their throat and put them in a dumpster behind the NAPA," the report said. Police checked the dumpsters at NAPA, the daycare center and the other two auto parts stores in the area, but found no body. The complainant was asked to write a statement about the phone call.


Hit and run

Feb. 23 – A hit and run reportedly happened after the complainant noticed damage on his lawn and shrubs.

"While I was talking to (the complainant), a neighbor approached and stated he witnessed the vehicle hit the shrubs and then leave the scene," the report said. The witness said it was a dark colored Toyota pickup truck and believed the driver to be a resident who lived down the street.

There was no answer at the alleged residence, but police reported dents and scratches on the pickup in the driveway, including mud and grass on the fender wells. The reporting officer called the residence and the offender answered, saying he was scared to come out because he knew he was in trouble, the report said. As he walked outside, he apologized for the damage, also saying he didn’t know where or how much damage had occurred, the report said.

"The (offender) stated he did travel in the direction of the damage but was too intoxicated to remember causing the damage. He stated he didn’t even remember being in the truck," the report said. There were three properties – one on Sandpiper, one on Piercefield Park and one at Piercefield Drive – that had reported damage. The man was charged with three counts of hit and run.



Feb. 23 – At around 3:30 a.m., police stopped a car reportedly speeding at 51 m.p.h. in the 35 zone. The driver handed over a North Carolina identification card. When the officer asked if the man’s license was suspended, he reportedly said, "Yes, my license has been suspended for the last 10 years." The man was placed under arrest and taken to the police department.


Feb. 21 – A woman reported a theft from her office, saying she had her prescription diet pills, Phentermine, at work, in a CVS prescription bottle and there were about 9 pills left. She said she left them in the top cabinet of her desk unsecured.

She said went to refill the prescription on Feb. 20, but was told it had already been filled. The CVS employee who filled it said the person had come through the drive-thru, paid cash for the prescription and signed the woman’s name. She told police she was leaving the prescription open, in case anyone tries to refill it again. She was given a case number to give to her doctor.

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