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Crime reports for July 4-30
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The following reports are from the Richmond Hill Police Department: Possession of marijuana: July 29 — Just after 2 a.m. officers noticed a Providence, R.I., man speeding on I-95. A drug dog indicated there was marijuana in the vehicle. The man said there was marijuana in the car, but told officers it was for medicinal use. The passenger told officers it was in the glove box, and no other drugs were found in the car.

July 19 — Officer stopped a Fleming man just after 3:30 p.m. on Highway 17 after seeing the man throw a plastic bag out of the window that contained marijuana. A drug dog sniffed the vehicle, but no other drugs were found. Officers did find an opened bottle of beer behind the passenger’s seat. He was given a citation for the open container and also charged for littering.

July 12 — Just after 1 a.m., officers saw a car parked near the Publix off of Highway 144. The man said he had gotten in an argument with his wife, left home and parked there to calm down. The man seemed extremely nervous, and a drug dog indicated there was marijuana in the vehicle. The man admitted to having marijuana and was arrested.

July 6 — Officers stopped a Richmond Hill man after noticing his tag light was out. The man smelled of alcohol and admitted to having two beers. Officers found an opened beer and a plastic bag of marijuana in the vehicle. After arriving at the police department, the man’s blood alcohol content was less than 0.08 and he was not charged with DUI.

Matter of record

July 30 — Officers reported around 1:30 p.m. to Summer Hill Court regarding vandalism. Upon arrival, officers found a vehicle covered in ketchup with a tomato smashed on the front windshield. The man told officers the incident happened after midnight, but he had no idea who may be responsible.

July 28 — Officers met with a Richmond Hill woman just after 8 p.m. after she received a possible scam phone call. The woman said the male on the phone claimed to be her grandson and said he had been arrested in Mexico City and needed $2,370.50 to post bail. The woman asked the man what his mother’s maiden name was and he said he didn’t keep up with family. The woman’s actual grandson was at a business meeting in Washington D.C.

July 23 — Officers responded to the Exxon gas station at McDonald’s after a Rochester, N.Y., woman claimed an unknown black man approached her and asked her for money. She gave him $3 because she thought he was homeless and hungry. The man got angry, she said, and asked if that was all she was going to give him. When she said that was the only cash she had, the man said “sex.” She asked him to leave her alone and he walked away talking to himself, she said.

July 2 — After finding a man in the bed of her truck who was trying to steal her tailgate, a Richmond Hill woman notified police. She said she came out of Jeff’s Beverage store and saw the man. She said he had a screwdriver and knife in his hand and said he was trying to see if her tailgate matched his. She ran back into the store for help but the man ran off.


July 4 — Just before 11 p.m., officers stopped a Richmond Hill woman on Highway 17 because she was weaving on the road. The woman smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, difficulty keeping her eyes open and her face was flushed. She said she’d drank three beers. She failed sobriety tests and was arrested.

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