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Crime reports
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The following reports are from the Richmond Hill Police Department: DUI, Sept. 27 — Officers stopped a Savannah man just after 4 a.m. on Highway 144 after he was seen speeding and before entering Love’s gas station at an “unsafe speed.” The man smelled of alcohol and told officers he wasn’t driving the vehicle. A breath test proved he had been drinking and he was arrested.

Sept. 10 — Officers responded just after 2:30 a.m. to highways 17 and 144 after someone reported a there was a woman asleep at the wheel of a vehicle stopped at the intersection. The Richmond Hill woman was very disoriented when telling officers she was trying to make it home. She smelled of alcohol and when officers asked if she’d been drinking, she admitted to drinking two pitchers of beer earlier in the evening. She failed several field sobriety tests and was arrested.

Public Drunkenness

Sept. 22 — A Jacksonville, Fla., man was arrested around 2 a.m. after he was seen urinating next to a vehicle in the Ford Plaza parking lot. The man was also drunk.

Sept. 20 — Officers approached a Richmond Hill man near Cherry Street after he drove an ATV onto the railroad tracks and got stuck. The man smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking three to four beers an hour prior to the incident. The man told officers he was on his way to pick up his brother who was walking home from the Limelight bar. He was having trouble walking and was arrested.

Sept. 21 — Officers approached a Fort Stewart man at Clyde’s gas station on Highway 144 after he parked at an angle in the parking lot and a marked safety zone. He was also staggering as he walked to the store. He asked the officers if there was “anywhere to eat in the area” and smelled of alcohol. The man admitted he had been drinking and was arrested.

Sept. 16 — Just after 9:30 p.m., officers responded to the Raceway on Highway 17 after the store clerk said a Phoenix, Ariz., man tried to steal beer. The man couldn’t open the beer cooler because it was locked due to it being Sunday, so he reached in through an adjacent cooler and grabbed a 16-ounce beer. He then punctured the can and poured it all over a nearby soda display. The clerk confronted the man and said the man pushed him and then exposed himself in the store. The man was swaying and his speech was slurred and smelled of alcohol.

Underage possession of alcohol

Sept. 12 — Officers responded just after 11 p.m. to the Quality Inn after a man was reportedly acting “belligerent” with the manager. After arriving, officers found a Gary, Ind., man in the parking lot. He smelled of alcohol and officers saw he was not old enough to drink. After he could not find someone to pick him up, he was arrested.

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