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County cops deal with DUIs, assaults
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Bryan County Sheriff Reports


May 17 - An off-duty deputy called in an apparent DUI on Hwy. 17 in Richmond Hill coming out of Savannah. The on-duty deputy followed the truck and saw it cross the center line and fog line several times. The truck first stopped in the middle of the roadway, but pulled to the side when the deputy asked. The deputy noted a strong odor of alcohol coming from the truck and that the driver’s eyes were very red and glassy. When asked, the driver said he had one beer after work. The driver reportedly had to use the side of his vehicle to maintain balance en route to the patrol car for the field sobriety tests. The preliminary breath test gave a result of .297 and the driver was arrested for DUI. The two breath tests at the jail resulted in .298 and .307 blood alcohol content.


May 17 - A deputy was sent to a fight in the Tar City Road area of Ellabell and found a man lying on the ground, unconscious and bleeding from the head and face area. EMS was called to treat the man, who was transported to the hospital in Savannah. A witness identified the alleged assaulter, but the deputy was unable to find any information on the person or make contact with him.


May 17 - A deputy patrolling Hwy. 17 in Richmond Hill noticed a truck in front of him cross the center and fog lines numerous times. The deputy noted a strong odor of alcohol. When asked, he stated he had one beer. The driver’s speech was said to be very slurred and he had red, glassy eyes. When asked to walk to the front of the patrol car, the driver reported he had two bad knees and had a hard time walking, so he was allowed to sit on the front bumper of the patrol car. The field breath test gave a result of .200. The driver stated he’d just drank the beer about 10 minutes before. The second field breath test result was .212. The driver was arrested for DUI, and the PD breath tests gave results of .236 and .255.


May 16 - A workshop behind a Sadie’s Kitchen Road residence in Ellabell was broken into and approximately $12,000 worth of tools and fishing equipment taken. The owner said his last time in the shop was May 10, and that on May 14 a roommate moved out while the owner was at work, but he did not know if it was the roommate that took the items. The deputy noted the only way to get into the shop was through the residence’s front and side doors, and no forced entry was apparent, but it was possible entry could have been made with no damage.


May 16 - A resident in the Ogeechee Park Drive area of Ellabell reported the lid of her car’s gas tank being filled with sand. The deputy noted sand down the spout of the gas tank and advised the owner not to start the car until the sand was removed.


May 16 - On Hwy. 17 a patrolling deputy saw a truck cross the center and fog lines many times. At first, the truck didn’t stop despite the blue lights, but finally pulled over just past the Liberty County line. The deputy noted the smell of alcohol, and said the driver’s eyes were red and glassy, and face flushed. The driver denied drinking, but was reported to be unsteady on his feet using the side of his truck to hold balance while walking and registered a .196 on the preliminary breath test. The two breath tests at the station resulted in .194 and .202 blood alcohol content readings.


May 15 - A resident in the Ogeechee Park Drive area of Ellabell reported iron lawn furniture and a ceramic statue were missing from her front yard.

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