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Counterfeit $50 passed at grocery
Police beats
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From Bryan County Sheriff's Department reports: House fire
March 8 – Authorities responded to a house fire on Belfast Keller Road. The fire occurred in the attic, where it was put out by firefighters before it reached the remainder of the home. No injuries were reported. Firefighters cut a hole in the roof to reach the fire.

Feb. 27 – An Ellabell woman told deputies her ex-boyfriend has been threatening her. She said, while she was visiting a friend on JR Drive, he sent her a text mesage saying he was outside the residence dressed in black and “told her friend’s brother to come outside; he was waiting on him.” She said her ex was in Effingham and she believed him to have several warrants of arrest filed against him. Bryan deputies checked the area, but the man was nowhere to be found.

Entering auto
Feb. 25 – A Pembroke man on Hwy. 67 said someone removed a single barrel 12 gauge shotgun from his unlocked Ford Ranger.

Feb. 23 – A South Bryan resident on Belfast Keller Road called to report his house had been broken into. Det. Mickey Sands arrived and observed a garage door that appeared to be damaged during a forced entry. The only items reported stolen were a TV and X-Box video game system.

Counterfeit money
Feb. 21 – Deputy Christopher Boatright was dispatched to Ken’s IGA on Hwy. 80 in reference to a $50 counterfeit bill that was passed. The customer said he received the bill from Catfish Charlie’s restaurant in Darien.

Feb. 19 – An Ellabell resident was arrested after witnesses allegedly saw him removing a dishwasher and copper tubing from a residence on Elm Drive in Ellabell.

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Domestic violence
March 8 – A woman on Sterling Creek Drive said she stopped her intoxicated husband from driving away in his work truck, when he was “going to buy him some weed.” She said he left on foot.
She said she awoke around 3 a.m. to him punching her in the face, dragging her across the room and threatening her.

Domestic dispute
March 7 – Police responded to a residence on Ivey Street upon receiving a call about a loud argument. The woman, who was reported as being intoxicated and belligerent, had reportedly thrown a porcelain lamp at her ex-husband. She was arrested

Simple battery
March 7 – Two women on Osprey Drive said a man, who is a boyfriend to one of them, pulled up to the residence, pushed one of them and slapped and choked the other. The man then reportedly sped off in his car, narrowly missing one of them with his vehicle. Officers could not locate the man.

Public drunkenness
March 7 – RHPD Capt. Mark Long observed an intoxicated woman stumbling in the street. She said she was staying at Comfort Inn, and Long provided a courtesy ride to the motel. She then said it was the wrong place and she was staying at Travel Lodge. Long then drove her to Travel Lodge.
On the way there, she told Long her boyfriend beat her up and took her room key, but she refused to file a report. Before exiting the vehicle, she told Long if her boyfriend beat her up again, it would be his fault. She was arrested. The report further notes that, while being transported to Bryan County Jail, she “urinated in the van on purpose.”

Structure fire
March 5 – An unoccupied residence on Vining Way reportedly caught fire. A neighbor reported black smoke coming from the building. Firefighters extinguished the fire. There were no reported injuries, and no one was inside at the time.

March 5 – A Casey Drive woman reported that her sliding glass door was smashed in and several items were removed from the home. Among the items listed as stolen were I-Pods, jewelry and designer purses.

Matter of record
March 4 – A supervisor with Georgia Power called police to report that he accidentally severed a power line on Spruce Street. He said his employee was temporarily blinded by the sun, which led to the accident.

Property damage
March 3 – A Knights Inn employee reported that an intoxicated person, who had already checked out, broke the toilet in the room he stayed in, which also damaged the carpet from water that ran from it.

March 1 – Officers were dispatched to the burned-down Spruce Street residence of the Cooper family. Kathy Cooper told officers that someone has been looting the site, removing personal papers and “expensive Henry Ford wood that was under the carpet and behind the wall covering.

March 1 – A Richmond Hill man went inside to eat at the McDonald’s on Hwy. 17 and reportedly returned to his parked Ford F-150 to discover that someone had stolen his tailgate.

Matter of record
Feb. 28 – RHPD Cpl. Tim Saia was dispatched to a home on Cherokee Street in response to a vehicle that had been egged. The vehicle’s owner said he suspects a partygoer from a party that took place earlier “several streets over.”

Found property
Feb. 26 – A man on Cottonham Court turned in a woman’s Schwinn bike he found inside the construction site near his home.

Financial fraud
Feb. 25 – A woman on Miner Drive reported some fraudulent activity on her credit card. She said someone charged $70.29 on Ebay.
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